King Slayers: Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron’s Cavs falling to the Lakers

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In his discussion about LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers falling 127-113 to the Los Angeles Lakers, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he gives the Lakers credit for this win. King James dropped 24 points in the loss, while Isaiah Thomas scored 20 points against his former team. Are you more impressed by the Lakers win or discouraged by the Cavaliers?

- Shannon, what was your takeaway from last night?

- Well, I think you've got to give the Cavaliers-- I think you've got to give the Lakers credit. They played really well. Julius Randle has been a monster since February, 36, 14, and 7. You can't allot-- and Julius Randle has been playing well. And there is nothing-- take nothing away from him. But that's a Kevin Durant. That's a LeBron James. That's one of these great, great players, Anthony Davis stat line, not Julius Randle.

But this is the Cavaliers. And the injuries have taken their toll. But I don't-- I don't worry about the guys that are not there. Kevin Love has been gone for six weeks tomorrow. He might be back in two weeks. It might be three weeks. And then when he comes back, you're going to have to reshuffle again.

I'm not worried about Cedi. I'm not worried about Tristan Thompson. I'm worried about the guys that are playing. And JR Smith, in his last eight games, 31% from the floor, 25% from the three point line. Jeff Green was one for seven. Jordan Clarkson was one of eight.

They're not getting enough from the guys that are playing. Basically, if LeBron James does not score, if LeBron James cannot create layups and dunks for someone else, they're not scoring.

Now, we know they're an undersized basketball team, Skip. They're getting out-rebounded on this three game road trip by 14. Skip, you're not winning. They got doubled up last night 14-7 on the offensive glass. You're not going to win those games.

LeBron James, since the All Star break is everything 29, 10, and 9, shooting 54%, 42% from three. And what do they got to show for it? Six and four. That's what they got to show for it, Skip. That's not nearly good enough.

So we can make all the excuses we want. Now, hey, I'm not in the excuse making business. You can have results or you can have excuses. And I know the Cavaliers are injured. But the fact of the matter is the guys that they put out there on the court, Skip is not-- they're not giving them what they need.

I don't know what's happened to JR Smith. Now Rodney Hood is out with a strained back. I knew something was wrong, because Rodney Hood is too good of a shooter to be shooting 30% like he's been over the last couple of weeks. That's not good enough.

So give the Lakers credit. Let me see. I mean, they win by 17. Lonzo Ball, I know he did it up. Oh--

- Wait. Was this about Lonzo or LeBron?

- I just said it, Skip Bayless! They scored 127 points. So I knew Lonzo Ball had to have had a fabulous stat line. Let me look at it. Let me see the stat line.

- Somebody's is trying to change the subject again.

- Skip--

- We've had it changed to Spurs and Lonzo. But the bullseye is on the best player on the planet.

- Did they-- hold on. Did the Cavaliers not play the Lakers? When we talk about the Lakers, who do we normally talk about, Joey Taylor?

- I'll get to him.

- OK. Well, you go with what you were going to get to. That missed dunk?

- So we could do that. I'll do that. I'll do that.

- Go ahead. Talk about how poorly LeBron played.

- So did I just hear Shannon Sharpe, Pro Football Hall of Famer, take a shot at his man LeBron James? Because Shannon Sharpe said he, Shannon Sharpe, is not in the excuse business.

- No, no.

- Injuries be damned.

- No.

- If you're out there, you're playing with what you got. Isn't that how it works in the National Football League?

- Yes.

- And yet, in the National Basketball Association last night, the best player on the planet sat on his stool in the locker room and said, it's all about the injuries. You're going to let him get away with that? Apparently not.

- No.

- You took an indirect shot. But I think you don't love it that your man said that, that he reached quickly for the injury excuse.

- Yeah. I know another guy that's playing without a-- you know, a guy that's injured right now, Joey, put up 40 and 39 and took Ls.

- Change of subject of again.

- I ain't changing no-- Skip--

- We've had three changes. We've tried Spurs. We tried Lonzo. We tried Kevin Durant.

- How did you know I was talking about Kevin Durant?

- Well, we're going to talk a whole-- we're going to do a whole topic on Kevin Durant, because I'm waiting. I can't wait to talk about him. In fact, I'd like to switch topics right now.

- No, no. We're going to talk about him. We're talking about this. Skip, it's plain and simple. And he's right. There are a lot of guys that's out. Rodney Hood is out. Now Cedi's out. Kevin Love's been out.

- So it is an excuse?

- No, no, no, no, no no, no, no. I'm saying, those guys are out. Those are guys that, coming into the season-- not Cedi, not Rodney Hood, because he wasn't there. But they were counting on Tristan Thompson. They were counting on Kevin Love. Skip, they're out.

I can't worry about them. We can't worry about what you don't have. What are we taking the floor with on a nightly basis? Those are the guys that you have to go to and win with.

- Hmm. And by the way, LeBron also said, losing isn't in his DNA.

- It ain't.

- He's lost five Finals? I don't know. It just defies his DNA. I guess it's like genetic mutation or something. It's just like, he just--

- Stop it, Skip!

- Just strangled him.

- No!

- It's like "Annihilation." Do you know the movie "Annihilation?"

- I do.

- See, he got infected or something. I don't know. It wasn't in his DNA, now it's in his DNA.

- Skip--

- It's like the plants get into you. I don't know.

- All he's saying is that I don't make excuses for why we're losing.

- Ugh.

- No. So are you saying that because you're injured, do you accept that? No, I'm not accepting Ls. It's not in his DNA.

- OK.

- It is not.