Shannon Sharpe on LeBron signing with Magic’s Lakers conversation

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Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless, Rob Parker and Joy Taylor to discuss LeBron James chances of signing with Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers in the off season.

- It's just like anything. I told Skip earlier, Nicole Murphy knocks on any single guy's door and says, I need a date to the governor's ball for the Oscars, they go. They didn't tell him no. LeBron knocks on Magic, like, Magic. I'm trying to come to the Lakers. He says, no, LeBron. I'm waiting until year 2019. I'm waiting on Kawhi. I'm waiting on Kyrie. I'm waiting on Klay Thompson.


- Really Skip? You believe he going to say that? Absolutely not.

SKIP BAYLESS: I think there's a good chance he would say that.

- He got four MVP's. He got three titles.

SKIP BAYLESS: How many times did he lose?

- He was vie?

- OK.

- How many times Magic Johnson lost?

- Five.

- Four.

- Four.

- No, four, four, right.

- Oh.

- Because LeBron is the four. He's lost the most of any formal --

- And you do know what, like--

- I'm just saying.

- James Worthy was an MVP in one of those. Kareem was an MVP in one of those. When LeBron plays, who's the MVP when he wins.

SKIP BAYLESS: Better player, Magic Johnson, LeBron James.

- Don't do that, Skip.

- Not even close.

- Don't even do that, Skip.

- Give me Magic Johnson.

- Rob Parker can't even validate it. Rob Parker won't even-- Rob.

- Hey.

- Rob, you aren't allowed to take it right back.

- I want Magic Johnson.

- If you li-- if you like--

SKIP BAYLESS: I'll take a lie detector right now.

SHANNON SHARPE: If you tell a lie--

SKIP BAYLESS: I'll take Magic.

SHANNON SHARPE: You go under.

- I'm not going to lie.

- OK, who's the better player?

- I would take LeBron James.

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, please. Ron--


SKIP BAYLESS: You just sold it out.

- I didn't sell it out.

- It's the truth.

- I would take LeBron James. He just did a lot of--he does a lot of things well, that's all. But he's not--

SKIP BAYLESS: Magic Johnson just won. That's what he did.

- No, he did.

- Well you make it seem--

- Winning time.

- So what did LeBron do?

- Oh, he had five?

- How about this? I'll tell you what you do. This is what I want you to do.

- Mm-hm.

- I want you to give LeBron five level Hall of Famer's, and let's see how much he could win. Because Kareem is in the Hall of Fame. Jamaal Wilkes is in the Hall of Fame. So is Bob McAdoo. So is James Worthy. So I just need Ron to have--

- You know what, Shannon?

- What--

- I think everybody gets it. I think you're in the basketball Hall of Fame.

SHANNON SHARPE: So, hold on. Hold on.


- Are you saying those guys don't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

- Yeah, a couple of names you threw out there do not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

- James Worthy?

- I'll give him. But there's four--

- McAdoo and Ma-- you-- you--

- I mean the Hall of Fame?


- Seriously? The Hall of Fame, Jamaal Wilkes.

ROB PARKER: Nope, sorry. Nobody even knows what the credentials are in the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame.

- Well, they don't know for football either. It used to--well, in baseball--

- Baseball's the only one.

- Well, baseball's numbers are so sacred, they've been recharting them for so long. If you hit 500 home runs, you will go in.


- You won 300 games as a pitcher, you--

ROB PARKER: Or 3,000.

JOY TAYLOR: Yeah, they're sacred unless you played in the steroid era and you were mean to them when you gave them an interview.

- Right. Rob.

- Touche.

- Do you vote for-- do you vote for [INAUDIBLE]?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.