Joy Taylor asked Chris Broussard if the Warriors could win the NBA title without Steph Curry

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Chris Broussard talks Steph Curry after he injured his ankle again. Could the Golden State Warriors win the NBA title without Steph on the floor?

- Could the Warriors win it all without Steph?

- No. They would still be an elite team, still be a great team. But they would not win it. And I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kevin Durant, clearly, the best player on that team. Two-way player, all that.

Steph Curry is the most important player on that team. Steph is one of the most unique players that we've seen in the league. And that's why he's changed the league. The only players who can shoot like him, throughout the history of the league, as far as his range and his accuracy, have only been shooters. They couldn't really do anything else.

He can do everything else, other than defend. But offensively, he's got the great handle, he can score in the mid-range, he can finish at the hoop. So you can't just get all up on him cause, hey, he's a great shooter, I'm gonna smother him. No, cause he'll go right by you. He makes defenses extend so much that you're completely out of sorts.

And I forgot to mention this-- he's constantly moving. You know, he's not ball dominant. He's not stationary for most of the time. He is moving, so the defense is out of sorts.

And let me give some numbers to back this up. When Steph Curry, this year-- Steph Curry, no Kevin Durant-- their Warriors are 7 and 0. They average 123 points a game. They won by an average of 18 points, almost 19 points.

They played at a pace that was the highest pace, fastest pace in the league 104.1. People might not know what that means, but it is the fastest pace in the league. When Kevin Durant played and Steph was out, 11 and 3-- still really good. But they averaged 106 points a game, won by 5 points-- on average-- only 5 points.

Their pace was 97.3, which would be 27th in the league. Utah, Sacramento, the Spurs play at that pace. I watched them closely without Steph-- I was at the game in LA when they came here-- KD-- they look like a different team. They won. They beat the Lakers.

But it was not the same ball movement, player movement. It was a lot of KD handling it. Kind of playing like LeBron, being the point forward and all that. But they were like a lot of other teams with a great player and some other really good players around him, but not separated.

I think Houston will beat them. I think the Spurs-- if Kawhi comes back well-- yeah, would be right there. And I think Cleveland-- assuming they continue to really improve and mesh-- could beat them.

- Where'd you hear that before, Skip? Who told you that?

- So somebody, like somebody else, is defending LeBron James with his take on whether Kevin Durant can lead this team.

- There's nothing to defend because it's universal, it's regarded. We know it.

- Well, we've seen this team without KD.

- That's why they got him.

- And the thing, here's the thing. It's not just about talent with the Warriors. Now it is, cause they got KD.

- Right.

- When they won 73, it wasn't like they were, overwhelmingly, more talented than everybody else. Let me ask you this. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, versus Steph, Klay, Draymond. You would take the Cavs big three all day, every day. But it's the way they play-- the chemistry, the style, the offense that they have-- you know. So that-- they still would have that without having Kevin Durant.