Shannon Sharpe: Steph Curry makes the Warriors ‘dynamic’, they aren’t winning the NBA Finals without him

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Stephen Curry's ankle injury. Shannon explains how Golden State needs a healthy Steph Curry to compete with MVP front-runner James Harden and Chris Paul's Houston Rockets in the Western Conference. Can the Warriors compete for another title without a healthy Steph Curry?

JOY: Could the Warriors win it all without Steph Curry?

SHANNON SHARPE: No. They're not getting out of the west without Steph Curry. The thing that makes these teams so dynamic is those three snipers that they got. Now, Kevin Durant-- they're probably still going to end up with the second-best record. They'll probably get to the Western Conference Finals. But I give it to you like this, Skip Bayless. And you know how I feel about the Spurs, but if Kawhi could come back, and he's healthy, they're not beating San Antonio.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, that's a big if. I'll take it.


SKIP BAYLESS: And that's physically and mentally healthy.



SHANNON SHARPE: If he can come back and play 10 games, get his wind because that's going to be the biggest thing.

SKIP BAYLESS: That's looking dismal, but go ahead.

SHANNON SHARPE: What are you saying? He's going to come back. I'm sorry. Skip, I don't want to give you false hope. They're not beating the Rockets. Do I believe-- Steph is in the lineup, absolutely, Skip. Like I said, I've said this before. The Rockets are not being the Warriors, fully staffed.


SHANNON SHARPE: But if Steph Curry is not in this lineup, they're not winning.


SHANNON SHARPE: Because that's what makes them dynamic. Granted, Kevin Durant can take the game over, but it's Steph's three that is like the 80-yard touchdown pass in football because it gets--

SKIP BAYLESS: Or the 96.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The 96. Old play, old play. We ain't going to talk about that. But no, Skip, they're not coming out, and the thing is, if I'm the Warriors, I'm concerned because this is the very ankle that's put him out for what? Joy, you mentioned 11 games, and is it the same ankle that he's had probably throughout his career?



SKIP BAYLESS: But it's the same ankle he had surgery on twice, in April of 2011 and May of 2012. This is bad business.

SHANNON SHARPE: It's the same ankle.


SHANNON SHARPE: I had -- you're talking to somebody that had ankle problems, and the way he rolls his is that he rolls his over the top. I pronated. I rolled mine in, and mine got so bad that I was just not practicing. I would just shoot up every Sunday and go play. But it got so bad, Skip, I just ended up having to-- I just told them, look, kill the nerve endings in that ankle, and I going to want to be done with it because someone could just barely kick me in the ankle, Skip, and it would-- I'm done.

SKIP BAYLESS: And that's what was happening now to Steph.


SKIP BAYLESS: That's what happened. He just barely turned it last night, and it's like, ugh, here we go again.

SHANNON SHARPE: And even with -- you look at Steph. He has those ankle supports that tries to prevent him from rolling, and it is still happening. So that one, if I'm the the Warriors, I would be very, very concerned with that, Skip, because now we're starting to see-- because there was a lapse, a time, Skip, it went away. He didn't have this problem over the last couple of years, but now they're starting to occur with greater regularity. So that would concern me. But they're not beating the Rockets without a fully staffed roster. So if Steph Curry is a little bit off-- because remember what happened, Skip, they said he was a little off when they were 73-9, and that's what happened. They're not beating the Rockets if Steph Curry is not healthy and can play.