Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron’s 39-point performance in win at Denver

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In his conversation about LeBron scoring 39 pts,10 ast in Cleveland's win at the Denver Nuggets, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor what LeBron's performance means for the remainder of the season and agrees with King James that he's playing "at an all-time high".

- And do you agree that LeBron is playing at an all-time high?

- I do believe he's playing at an all-time high. And considering that it is year 15 and that he has not missed a game and what he's asked to do on a nightly basis-- no, he's not that dominant two-way player anymore. Because I believe at-- could he play better defense? Absolutely. But what he's asked to do-- carry the scoring load, assist the basketball, rebound the basketball-- nobody has been asked to do more in year 15 than LeBron James is doing currently.

And when he said he was playing at his-- he believes he's playing at an all-time high. He's never had a 13-game stretch in which he's basically averaging 30, 10, and 10-- 30, 10, and 10. And last night, the last two minutes of the ballgame-- Skip, you say he doesn't play any defense. Can you tell people at home that didn't stay up late at night who he was guarding in that ballgame in the final two minutes? The best player under the age of 25 that has not made an All-Star game--

- Wait, are we still--

- --Jokic!

- Wait, are we talking about the same Nikola Jokic who got benched for the entire fourth quarter the night before in Dallas.

- Yeah, I'm talking about that guy.

- During a woeful loss to the Mavericks, he got benched for lack of effort, and you are trying to take credit for LeBron James guarding Jokic?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. The guy that had 36, 13, and six last night and went 12 of 14 shooting.

- Then LeBron must not have been guarding him very closely.

- Guarding! No, no, no, no.

- Oh, oh, oh.

- He took him the final two minutes And what did he do then?

- Oh, I see. I see. Well, the game has been decided by then.

- No! Well, who decided it?

- It had--

- Who decided it?

- Wait, tell me when it's my turn.

- It's not your turn, Skip!

- I got all kinds of stuff.

- Why do you keep interrupting me, Skip? You trying to make me--

- Wait, wait. Did he not ask me a question?

- You're trying to make me lose my train of thought.

- Ask me a question and I'm going to answer it.

- What happened was, that lady was supposed to meet LeBron in Denver.

JOY TAYLOR: Ah. She didn't make it?

- But because of Nor'easter Quinn, she was unable to get a flight out, so she was delayed. But I heard she's gonna make LA.

SKIP BAYLESS: She lives in the Northeast?

- Yeah!

- Oh, I didn't know that.

- Oh, Miss Triple-Double? Yeah, she lives in the Northeast.

- Oh, OK.

- And she was unable to get the flight because the nor'easter-- oh, she's just pummeling the east coast right now. But--

- She's about to move to LA.

- No, no! She ain't moving to LA!

- Lonzo's going to become Mr. Triple Double here pretty soon. Yeah.

- Don't do that, Skip. Don't do that, Skip. But you look at LeBron, Skip. You said he scored the final-- what-- he scored of the final 13 in the second-- the second-- the first half. He scored the final nine.

Now, because Skip's telling me, you know, LeBron ain't clutch. He lost his clutch guy. Oh, what's he going to do without Kyrie? What is LeBron James going to do without Kyrie?

I think he showed you, Skip. He was in his bag last night. Ooh, them threes, Joy-- he pulled up one from Castle Rock! I said, Bron, that ain't far enough. He pulled up one from Gunnison. Then he went to Grand Junction, Pueblo. I mean, that one in the fourth quarter, Skip-- how'd he do that? And then in the first--

SKIP BAYLESS: Tell me when it's my turn.

- It's not turn just yet, Skip. Let me have my moment! Why you won't let me say--

SKIP BAYLESS: Because you said, how did he do that? Is that an interrogative? Is that a question? Is that-- yes.

- It's just-- it was like-- it's like-- I don't really need you to chime in. And then he went in his bag in the first--

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh. See, Joy, I don't really understand the rules of the game here.

- But Joy, he was in his bag last night. In the first quarter, he goes to the left, kisses off the glass with a left hand. I'm like, Bron, you do realize you're right-handed, Bron? He was like, no, I ain't. Ooh!

Skip Bayless, there is nothing-- look, I know what you're going to do. See, it's not good enough that he shot 60% again from the floor. It's not good enough again. You know, Skip likes to take small--

SKIP BAYLESS: Joy, have I spoken yet?

- No! I'm talking to Joy right now. Right now, I'm talking to my fans. I'm talking to my 3 million fans that's watching at home.

SKIP BAYLESS: 3 million?

- 3 million, Skip Bayless!

SKIP BAYLESS: Wow. I wish.

- [LAUGHS] We gonna get there, Skip Bayless. Skip said, you know what? You know what happens with LeBron when he has this hot streak from three. He normally starts shooting. He jacks them up!

In his last two games, LeBron James is 10 of 15 from the three-point line. Now, I ain't no math major. I'm not Pythagoras. I'm not Benjamin Banneker. But I'm pretty good, you know? I'm OK. 10 of 15's pretty good, ain't it, Skip?

- It's really good.

- Oh, really good?

- Mm-hmm.

- Like, really, really good? Like, Lonzo Ball good?

- It's not quite Lonzo Ball good. It's not quite that hot.

- He was special. He was on full display. He was in his bag-- 39, eight, and ten.

- But what is he, career, from three. Help me out. You know his stats.

- Like 35%.

- Try 34%. Anyway--

- Which is better than Kobe and Michael. So that means that if they're

- OK-- 34%.

- So if he's 34 and he's better than those guys, that means they have to be somewhere around 33, 32. But that's not-- we're not talking about them, Skip! I'm not gonna let you sidetrack me! Go ahead!

- Go ahead?

- Yeah, go ahead!

- I think I just sidetracked you completely!

- You tried to sidetrack me, getting me off my--

- You didn't get to your conclusion!

- My conclusion-- he's all-time-- he's playing at an all-time high, considering. Has he had a situation where he's scored more points? Sure. But given what he's asked to do at this juncture of his career, I do believe LeBron is playing at an all-time high.

- Yep.