Shannon Sharpe says Damian Lillard is a ‘superstar’ after dropping 39-pts on Lonzo and the Lakers

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe explains how Portland's Damian Lillard deserves more respect after his 39 point performance in 108-103 win against Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers.

- Shannon, what did last night tell you?

SHANNON SHARPE: Maybe, Joy, just maybe, Lonzo isn't a 60% three point shooter, Skip? He did get to the free throw line, though.

- Mm-hm.

SHANNON SHARPE: How many did me make, Skip?

- One.

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh. So, if I'm looking at this right-- let me make sure I'm looking at it right, 'cause you know, eyes getting bad. I got to get me some glasses. Need reading glasses.

Three of nine-- so that about in line what he normally-- what he shooting before he went on this torrential tear, Joy. You go, oh, Lonzo letting it go! Skip, what did he shoot from three at UCLA?

- Wait. Last night, he shot three for seven. That's pretty good, actually.


- Yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: He shot three for nine from the floor. Is that pretty good? So, basically, he right in line with what he been doing the whole while? But you got this little hot-- the little uptick, and now, all of a sudden--

- Little hot--

- Little uptick. You doing handstands.

- Uptick?


- Interesting.

SHANNON SHARPE: Doing back flips and everything. I thought you were Olga Korbut the way you was flipping out here, Joy.

- Well--

SHANNON SHARPE: Svetlana Khorkina, the Russian swan-- no, you're not.

- I don't want to be naughty.

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, you want to be Comaneci, huh, the Romanian instead? OK. Skip, look. This-- they're a young team. And they're going to have they're growing pains. They're going to, you know, win a few games here and there.

But, oh, the Lakers are back! They're going to get an AC! And then, all of a sudden, nope-- no, Skip. I didn't think they were going to make the playoffs before the season started. I don't think they-- when they was five straight, I didn't think they were going to make the playoffs.

But I'll tell you what, at some point in time, we're going to have to give Damian Lillard his credit, Skip. Now, you talking 'bout, can heat up? 'Cause he got cooking in the second quarter. He chilled in the third.

- He-- he really chilled, like, cold chilled.

SHANNON SHARPE: And then, all of a sudden, in the fourth quarter, he couldn't miss. Skip, he's three, four feet behind the three point line. Well, you can't guard that. And then, because he can take you off the bounce, he got tremendous handles. He can get to the basket, mid-range game, so you can't push up on him, because he can go by you.

- Nope.

SHANNON SHARPE: But I'm not surprised. Just when you, oh, he-- oh-- well, you see Lonzo. Oh, Lonzo, he-- he would this and that. Oh, Lonzo.

- Tell me when it's my turn.

SHANNON SHARPE: It's not your turn yet.

- OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: He was just heaping praise on Lonzo Rubio-- I mean, Lonzo Ball. And, now, all of a sudden--

- You know, Ricky Rubio is playing pretty good basketball right now. I don't know if you've been noticing. But go ahead.


- I don't think that's that big a diss.

SHANNON SHARPE: Ricky Ball or Lonzo Rubio? I mean, what-- it's close! I mean, it's close. Very similar type players, Skip.

- OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: All I'm saying is this, Skip. The-- I just want to-- can you-- after today, can we not just, like, critique Lonzo every game? Because this is unfair to him. I don't like--

- Thank you!

SHANNON SHARPE: I don't like--

- Thank you!

SHANNON SHARPE: Joy, I don't like give a man a B, then come back tomorrow and fail him. I mean, what kind of instructor would I be, if I did that to my students?

- Yeah. Thank you.

SHANNON SHARPE: I don't want to do that.

- Yet this topic with your idea. You wanted to talk about it.

SHANNON SHARPE: And Julius Randle was, again, another monster night, being the best player on the roster.

- Oh, really?

SHANNON SHARPE: And Isaiah Thomas is doing Isaiah Thomas things.

- I can't wait until it's my turn, Joy. But I'm waiting. I'm just waiting.


- Mm-hm.

SHANNON SHARPE: Maybe in the future, Skip. But I'm not surprised. And Damian Lillard is a superstar.

- Mm-hm.