Skip Bayless weighs in on Lonzo and the Lakers late collapse against Portland

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Skip Bayless critics Lonzo Ball and Isaiah Thomas' late performance in the 108-103 loss against the Portland Trail Blazers. Who was to blame for the late game collapse?

- The Los Angeles Lakers had won nine straight games at home. That--

SHANNON SHARPE: That pretty good.

- Pretty good, huh? OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: How many of them had Lonzo Ball played in?

SKIP BAYLESS: He played in a number of them.

- But no [INAUDIBLE].

- But not all of them. Not all of them. So, let's start by critiquing this poor, 20-year-old kid, named Lonzo Ball, who I told you had the biggest target ever painted on his back-- unfortunately, by his father-- of any rookie coming into any sport in the history of this world.

SHANNON SHARPE: Or Jackie Robinson. I'm sipping tea.

- I don't know about that. So last night, Lonzo Ball made two big threes in the fourth quarter. The first one came with about-- about five minutes left. And that put them up 11 points, which was their biggest fourth quarter lead. And I thought that was going to do it.

But Dame Lillard had other ideas. And you were right. When he goes off, he goes off like Steph and Klay go off. He's right in their ballpark.


- He can do what they do, on occasion. Maybe not quite as often as they do it, but, trust me. Damian Lillard has done it to my Spurs three or four times, where I just said, that's just too good.

And Lonzo Ball did guard him some in the fourth quarter, because they were trying everything. They were trying KCP. They were running anybody.

SHANNON SHARPE: They'd run doubles at him.

- Yeah.

- Well, Skip, you-- Skip, you know, once a guy gets hot like that, there's nothing you can do. You just hope he misses.

SKIP BAYLESS: 19-- 19 fourth quarter points, and he made five 3's. It's just-- it's just unstoppable. So Lonzo also made one with 1:51 left to play, which was big and clutch, because it tied the game. And it gave them a chance, at the end, to tie the game again.

And Isaiah Thomas caught the ball, and had-- looked-- looked like he had a pretty good look. And Shabazz Napier reached out and, actually, blocked it on the way up and knocked the ball loose. And he didn't, really, even get the shot off, at the buzzer.

So, in the big picture, what happened last night-- and you avoided this, and I thought you would leap all over this-- the Lakers got done to them what the Cavs, often, got done, through the first half of this year. They got IT'd. They got Isaiah'd last night.


- Look-- look at this. Lonzo got IT'd last night, because Isaiah Thomas shot 21 times.


- He made five. Five of 21, didn't it sound like, kind of, a Cleveland line to you?


- He was one for nine from 3, was Isaiah Thom--


- One for nine? And, in the fourth quarter, he was two for nine from the field, and 0 for three from 3. That will get you beat, right?


- So-- so, all of a sudden-- and he has shot the ball better for the Lakers, but he thought he was really shooting it. So five for 21 for the game, and, still, they had a chance.


- Thanks to him, you know. The ball's in his hand. But he had a chance to tie the game. So, once again, Lonzo does what needs to get done.

But Lonzo got off to a horrible start, because he got two quick fouls. And he got sat by Luke Walton for a long time. And then he comes in and, quickly, gets a third foul. So the first half was just a bust for him.

- So you-- so you want Luke Walton to let him play through it?

- No, you know-- I-- that's just me, I would.