Shannon Sharpe: ‘Very surprised’ Kirk Cousins reportedly won’t sign with Denver

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to recent reports that Kirk Cousins ruled out signing with the Denver Broncos and is deciding between Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets. Which team is the best fit for Cousins?

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Shannon, how surprised are you that your Broncos are reportedly not in the final two?

- I'm very surprised. I said yesterday I thought the Minnesota Vikings should be at the front of the list, Skip. Because if you look at them, that defense is there. They've signed Joseph. They've got Griffen. They got Harrison Smith. They got Xavier all these guys are tied up.

You've got a young offensive receiving core-- Thielen, Diggs, Rudolph. Cook comes back off that injury. You got a nice offensive line. I mean, they're not the Cowboys or Philadelphia. But they're a nice offensive line. So Minnesota should have been at the front of the list.

But the Broncos-- they have Emmanuel Sanders. They have Demaryius Thomas. Offensive line-- I think John would be willing to go out and-- you know, if there's an offensive line in the fringes that they could nab, he would bring him in. I'm surprised that the Jets would be in front of the Broncos, considering the Broncos are two years removed from the Super Bowl, and the Jets hadn't been to the playoffs in-- what-- since '09, maybe '10-- something like that. So I am surprised, Skip.

And for the Jets-- offensive weapons. OK. Your best running back, Matt Forte, is retiring. You got Anderson, who-- who knows what's going to happen with that situation? He got some deal with something in Florida. What the hell's going on in Florida? Why does all the-- nevermind, we'll talk about that later, Joy.

Jenkins, your tight end, he's a free agent. You got Kearse. OK, he's solid, but not spectacular. But he can make a few plays.

So can the Jets offer him a ton of money-- you know, maybe 90 million guaranteed, 100 million, maybe even guaranteed the whole contract? Sure. But Skip, the Jets are not close to going the playoffs.

You got a team that's two years removed from the Super Bowl, and you think the Jets have a better chance to get to the playoffs than the Broncos. You go to the Jets, you're going back into the very similar situation that you left in Washington. So best of luck. But I'm shocked that the Broncos are not one of the final two. Because I really thought it should be Minnesota, Denver, and then whomever else comes after that. But I thought Minnesota and Denver would definitely be the top two.

- I am not at all surprised. Knowing Kirk Cousins's and makeup the way I think I know it, I think he wanted no part of the Denver quarterback legacy that spans from John Elway through Peyton Manning. That's hard.

I believe Kirk Cousins sat back and said, I want no part of being the next Peyton Manning in Denver. Because wouldn't it be just a quick, easy comparison?

SHANNON SHARPE: That's the expectation. That's the expectation.

- And didn't people sit back and say, look what Peyton Manning did in Denver coming off career-threatening neck procedures? Right? I think he had four procedures on his neck. And obviously, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts decided he cannot play anymore. You are out, Peyton. Love you. I'm going to pat you on the head. I'm going to say nice things about you. And you are gone. And Peyton's doctor's saying, ah, we think he's going to regenerate his triceps nerves and he's going to be OK.