Skip Bayless reveals why Baker Mayfield is the best all-around QB in the draft

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Jenny Taft, Skip Bayless reveals why he thinks Heisman winner Baker Mayfield is the best all-around quarterback in the 2018 NFL draft.

- So that brings me back to my guy, Baker Mayfield from the school that I grew up loving, the University of Oklahoma. I watched every snap he took at the University of Oklahoma. And I have tried and tried to be completely sold and I'm not completely sold.

But I will say this, compared to those other three Baker Mayfield's the best quarterback, all around best quarterback and I'll tell you why. He is, well, let me just put it this way. He's the least flawed of the quarterbacks because he is by far the most accurate thrower of these guys. By far, listen, he is deadly accurate and he has a live arm for his size.

So does Russell Wilson have-- he's got that kind of an arm. He can just fling it, man, and it comes out sweet. And he can throw it deep, he can throw it intermediate. He's got nice touch, he's got the whole throwing package. He's also the least likely of all these quarterbacks to make a mistake, which boggles my mind because I always saw him coming in as a risk taker.

- No, Skip, he is least likely to make a mistake on the field. He's most likely to make one--

- No, I'm talking about-- I'm just ranking him on the field now. Just as a pure quarterback.


- He played in a high risk sort of run and shoot kind of an offense.


- But he would miss safely, if that computes. He knows how to miss the throw, where to miss the throw.


- And look at the low interceptions. I mean, last year he was 43 touchdowns to 6 interceptions, which led division 1 in touchdown to interception ratio.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's great.

- That's just staggeringly good.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's historic.

- OK? And then going back to--

SHANNON SHARPE: That's Aaron Rodgers, Skip.

- It is Aaron Rodgers. Going back to his first year, he had 8 interceptions, then 7, then 6. So he was coming down in interceptions and they were already low to start with. And I told you before, you know how much I love QBR. Two years ago he led college football in QBR and last year just by like a tenth of a point he was second.

So he almost led it twice in a row. Now when we talk about-- I'm talking on the field. When I'm talking about on the field leadership intangibles, his are off the charts. On the field, I'm not talking-- but in the huddle, maybe in the locker room. As far as inspirational, I'm not sure you can get much better than this.


- Which is why Charlie Weis who coached Tom Brady's his first few years in the National Football League, sat right here the day after that Georgia/Oklahoma game in the National Semifinal and pointed up there to that picture and said, I'm taking him first overall.


- Because he has things I can't teach or coach. OK? That's Charlie Weis, I think he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Right?

- Yeah, Skip, but my thing is is that how do I get past the red flags and the height?

SKIP BAYLESS: OK. So one last point before I get to that. He ran 4.8 40, which is predictable to me because he's not downfield fast.

SHANNON SHARPE: I don't care enough about no 40 for the quarterback.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, but I do. Like Lamar. I want to know that he can fly.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, you know Lamar was going to run faster than those guys. We know that.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's just going to run way faster. OK, but Baker Mayfield has real pocket elusivity. Trust me, it's almost Manziel-esque. And I hate to bring up the name because I'm going to bring it up in a negative context here in just a second.


- But just as far as escape-ability, elusivity in the pocket, he's doing it to throw not to run.


- He's not going to gas you downfield.


- Every once in a while he will but he's just trying to escape. And he's hard to contain in the pocket. OK, so all those things are plus, plus, plus, plus, plus. And then we get to height. OK, just remember he's 6 foot and 5/8". So he's about a half an inch taller than Drew Brees was at the combine. He's a full inch taller than Johnny Manziel and he's two inches taller than Russell Wilson. Just for the record, I'm not saying it's good or bad. But he's at the high end of the low scale.


- OK, so he's high short. All right, OK? All right then we get--

SHANNON SHARPE: He's a big little person.

- --but speaking of Johnny Manziel--


- --there are red flags everywhere, off the field. And we've talked and talked about them and I can't dismiss them but I can't going to take them all the way to the bank. It's just a potential, he has Johnny potential. Because the question becomes for Baker Mayfield does he really love the game of football or what excelling at the game of football can do for his nightlife?


- Because I fear it might be more toward the latter.


- I read tons of stories. He interviewed great at the combine because so did Johnny. They are the classic kid/adult. You know, they can turn on their 33-year-old personality.


- Go ahead and give them the Eddie Haskell.

SKIP BAYLESS: It's Eddie Haskell. It's all over. Johnny was the perfect Eddie Haskell and Baker scares me because he reminds me of Johnny. He can just click it on for an interview. You think, boy he's 10 years older than he comes. Yeah, boom. And the adults are all like--

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, Eddie went from bumping Beaver on the head to saying, yes, Miss Cleaver.

- Yeah.