Shannon reacts to Luke Walton’s comment that Lonzo was the ‘best player on floor’ in win against the Heat

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Shannon Sharpe disagrees with Luke Walton's comments about Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball being the 'best player on floor tonight' in LA's 131-113 rout of the Miami Heat. Shannon makes the argument that Julius Randle and Isaiah Thomas played better than Lonzo in team win.

- But now we get back to what I keep saying. You're right. He shot 41% from 3 at UCLA. So if we go back to December the 12th, from that point forward, he's played 14 basketball games. And in those 14 games, he has shot 43% from 3. He got off to a horrendous start. I think he was in a slump. I think he was under-- as I keep telling you-- the most pressure of any rookie in any sport, ever. And it got him. And it was night after night. It's, you know-- went from game one, remember? It was horrendous what was happening. And he shot it poorly. And he went from bad to worse.


- And once he took a deep breath starting in early December-- and again, they wrote about this on how every night, he was staying-- he'd come early to practice and stay after practice and play 3-point, like, HORSE games, shooting games with Miles Simon or some of the Lakers-- Brian Shaw, some of the Lakers coaches.

SHANNON SHARPE: You saw Bow Wow beat him though.

- OK, but he beat him once. He beat him once out of three.

- The bare fact that Bow Wow, with no shoes on-- no gym shoes, with socks.

- You think Bow Wow could shoot 43%?

- I'm just saying, Skip, did it happen? That would be like somebody walking off the street--

SKIP BAYLESS: Do you think Lonzo really took that very seriously?

SHANNON SHARPE: Hold on, Skip. Let me ask you a question.

- Lonzo's posts indicated he was not pleased with Bow Wow's post. And I know Bow Wow. We used to have him on the old show.

- Well, that's what you get for letting somebody beat you. Let me just say for the sake of argument, Skip-- let's just say Adam Levine walks off the street, and says, Tom, I challenge you to a throwing contest.

- Mm-hmm.

- And he beats Tom Brady one out of two or one out of three.

SKIP BAYLESS: What is it, like, throwing it in a barrel or something?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, throwing it in a barrel.

- All right.

SHANNON SHARPE: Throwing it through a tire.

SKIP BAYLESS: All right.

- How pleased do you think Tom Brady-- do you think Tom Brady going to let Adam Levine win?

- Maybe Bow Wow had is "Like Mike" sneakers on.

- Yeah, he had him on. He threw them up on the wire. Maybe he threw them up on the wire. He's bare-footed. I'm over here in socks, slipping and sliding. Sliding into a 3-- yap!

- So are you saying Lonzo Ball is a bust because he lost one game to Bow Wow? I think you just suggested that.

- Skip, here's the thing. When people say he's not going to have the flash like Magic. Not only Magic was a great passer, Skip, but Magic had the flair for the dramatic. So that's what-- Lonzo Ball, he's a meat and potatoes guy. Shoo. Shoo.

SKIP BAYLESS: Every once in a while, you get a little whipped cream. But he doesn't overstate it. Like, it's subtle whipped cream. But sometimes I'm like, wow, he did that.

- I don't like whipped cream. It's fattening. It serves no nutritional-- whipped cream has no nutritional value. And you like nutritional value, like Bron.

SKIP BAYLESS: I do. I do not like whipped cream. I'm just saying, every once in a while, you get a little wow factor with Lonzo, but not often.


SKIP BAYLESS: He would rather just make the cut and dried pass.

SHANNON SHARPE: I like that. But since he's been back, Skip, give him credit, he's 8 of 12 from the 3-point line. Like I said, 8 of 12. Because, remember, before he left, he was just shooting-- he was shooting, like, seven, eight 3s a game.

- OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: I was like, bro, you're not Steph or Klay. You've got no business shooting that many 3s.

- OK. So last night, after the game, one Dwayne Wade, for whom I have great respect-- Joy seems to like him too, I think.

JOY: Love Dwayne.

- Yeah. So he said of Lonzo Ball after the game, "I have been a big fan of him. He has a great feel of the game. And he doesn't play for statistics. He plays to win. He moves the ball, and his IQ of the game is incredible. He is athletic. Everyone talks about his shot, but he has been shooting that way his whole life. He can knock shots down." Period, end of Dwayne Wade's quote. I'll take that to my bank. That's what the vets, the stars of this league-- the established stars are saying that works.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, I'm not saying-- Rob said he's going to be a bust.

- He did.

SHANNON SHARPE: I just don't see transcendental.

- I do. And I'm seeing, finally, Lonzo starting to play as freely-- and dare I say-- aggressively, as he did in the Summer League, when he was the MVP up against all the young stars coming out of college and out of the draft. So--

- I mean, what y'all got going on, Joy? Joy and Skip, do you see what the Miami Heat doing? I mean, I haven't seen a moonwalk performance like this since Michael Jackson at the Grammy's in '83.

- Yeah, yeah, relax. Cavs won last night?

- No. We didn't lose by 40.

- There we go.

- Ha-ha!


- Three out of four at home? Is that possible?

- Yeah, yeah, yea that's not good.

- What is that about?

- We're not talking about the Cavs. We're talking about Lonzo.

SKIP BAYLESS: Huh. Well, you brought it up.

JOY: You brought the Heat up.

SHANNON SHARPE: Lonzo played-- because they played the Lakers. Lonzo played well, Skip. And I agree, maybe this was a little hyperbole from Luke Walton.

SKIP BAYLESS: It might have been.

- But first of all--

SKIP BAYLESS: I think he went out of his way to pay a compliment, because he's trying to get back in good graces.

SHANNON SHARPE: Because clearly, last night Julius Randle and Isaiah Thomas were better on the court than Lonzo.