Shannon Sharpe: Ben Simmons is going to be a monster, never seen him that aggressive

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe explains why Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons is a player to watch. Simmons scored 18 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists in the 76ers win against LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers.

SHANNON SHARPE: Ben Simmons is going to be a monster.


SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, he's going to be a monster.


SHANNON SHARPE: I mean, you watch him last night, I've never seen him this aggressive. He was playing out of the posts, and they had no answers because unless LeBron guarded him, and I'm surprised LeBron didn't guard him down the stretch, especially as he was going to the post a lot more because everybody else is just too small and not big enough to try to defend him in that area. So I was surprised LeBron didn't get on him, but give Philly credit. They won the ball game. The thing is with the Cavaliers, Skip, they are LeBron James drive and kick team. And when they're not making threes, it looks real ugly. I mean, again, nine of 30? Nine of 29, something like that from the three point line.


SHANNON SHARPE: And they looked tired because everything was hitting the front of the rim. And I'm starting to worry, Skip, and I don't normally worry, especially when LeBron James is on the team, but they got 21 games left, so they're going to be up basically every other night. They're going to be playing from here on out. And that's not good.

SKIP BAYLESS: Here's what's not good. And once again, you can say I'm nitpicking, but this is the best player on the planet, says you, so I'm going to hold him at the highest level of basketball.


SKIP BAYLESS: LeBron James, especially in fourth quarters, is playing less and less defense. He's playing lots of offense. I love his offense. And to his credit last night, he sat for the first say, threeish minutes of the fourth quarter. And they fell woefully behind because they were down by 13 when he came in. And he led them offensively on a 23 to 11 run that culminated with his feed, his kick to the wing and Kyle Korver curled off with the screen and nailed a three. And guess what the score was then? All of a sudden, the cue explodes because it's only 95 to 94, Philly. So it's a one point game. And Mr. Sharpe, at that point what happens next?

SHANNON SHARPE: Saric in the corner for the three. But Skip, look. I mean, I get it.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, no. Wait. Hold on. We got to see that three because guess who was supposed to be guarding Dario Saric on that play? Could we see the Saric play please? Here we. There's LeBron. There's LeBron. It's his man. It's his man. He's just, he's playing zone. Dario Saric is 38 percent three point shooter. He is cold blooded. He is a key player. He's averaging 15 points and seven rebounds for that team. So he's a key cog in that attack.

SHANNON SHARPE: But you see what happened again because they can't stop dribble penetrate.

SKIP BAYLESS: Hey, but what is he doing playing in the lane? He's just playing zone.


SKIP BAYLESS: You've got to go cover him on the perimeter.

SHANNON SHARPE: OK, let's just say for the sake of argument he guards him at the three point line, Ben Simmons gets the lay up, Skip. You saw that. He was trying to take away the dribble penetration and the layup. Because remember, Ben Simmons had just dunked it earlier.