Shannon Sharpe on Broncos’ GM John Elway: There’s a lot of pressure to find the right QB

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In his discussion on John Elway's comment 'I'm not done swinging and missing' in regards to finding a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Shannon Sharpe reveals why there's a lot of pressure surrounding the Broncos GM.

- A lot of pressure on John. First of all, Skip, I do not believe that the swings and misses at that position doesn't bother him. I played with this man for nine years. Turnovers bothered him, because that was a mistake.

Not only was it a mistake on his part, but he felt that it inhibited our ability to go score points. When you miss on that position, as a General Manager, the best thing you can do is find that guy, identify him, bring him into your organization. And now you have him on a rookie contract, a la Russell Wilson, a la Carson Wentz.

Now, what it allows you to do, Skip, is to put pieces in place around them. So for the next three, four years, all you can do-- because you don't have to worry about giving him that $100 million guarantee, because you've got him on that rookie deal.

Skip, he missed twice-- phew, and bad. And so now, what it forced him to do-- now, look, he's been great in the free agent market. He got Peyton Manning. He got DeMarcus Ware to come, got Taleed to come, got Darian Stewart to come.

So he's been great in that aspect, Skip. But you can't miss at the quarterback position, because that is the foundation piece. Through that all things can be solved.

- Can you say he missed three times, because he did try Trevor Siemian, as his seventh round pick?

- Well, I don't even count Trevor Siemian, because he was a seventh round draft pick. I'm talking about the second round pick in Brock Osweiler and the first round pick in Paxton Lynch.

SKIP BAYLESS: 26th overall, right?

- Yeah I believe that bothers him, Skip. Because guess what? Because you've got to go back into the frigid market. You thought you had the guy with Brock. Well, clearly you knew you didn't have the guy, because if you thought you had the guy in Brock, you would have matched that-- first of all, Brock would have never become a free agent.

Or if he did become a free agent, you would have matched any offer that Houston threw at him, but you were very confident. Then you go trade to get Paxton Lynch. If Paxton Lynch could not beat out a seventh round draft pick in Trevor Siemian, no matter.

So at first, you say, well, he knew the offense OK, fine. Now, same offense, they're starting from the same standing position. And Trevor Siemian was light years ahead of him in the preseason, so there was no question about that.

I believe it does bother him, because John Elway was an all-time great quarterback. The one thing you think he should be able to get right is what, Skip? That position.

- You would think.

- If I can't judge any other position, I should know a good tight end when I see one, and I do.

- Hm, in Jason Witten.

- I look at one every day in the mirror. Now, that boy-- and I say, Sharpe-- that Sharpe was a hell of a tight end, Skip.

- See, that's why you can't see past the end of your nose.


- Skip, I understand it's hard. And a lot of all-time great players have a very tough time coaching and identifying talent.


- The greatest basketball player in the NBA history--

- I agree. He's the worst. And it's still not working in Charlotte.

- But I do believe that John is disappointed and upset at the mistakes that he's made. Do I believe that he'll stop swinging? Absolutely not, because even when he threw a couple of interceptions, he didn't stop throwing the ball.