Skip explains why LeBron’s triple-double month doesn’t compare to Russell Westbrook’s milestone year

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Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor how Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook is having a better season than LeBron James. Skip compares Westbrook averaging a triple-double for the season and LeBron averaging a triple-double for the month of February.

- This reaction to this month long triple double has taken the cake as the biggest overreaction of blind witnesses among fans and among media members I have ever, ever seen, and that of course includes my man Shannon Sharpe across from me. So let me get this straight. The biggest shock to me last night was when I heard Alec Clifton on Fox Ohio after the game talking about, LeBron, you averaged a triple double for the month of February, I thought, wait, wait, he's never done this before? In any month of his whole 15 year career, LeBron James has never averaged a triple double for any other month?


- Six foot nine inch, 200 and-- I'll give him 60, I don't know, Tristan said 80, 260 pound LeBron James, has never-- a guy who can pass and rebound and score the way LeBron James has, has never for a single month of 15 years in the NBA averaged a triple double? Are you kidding me? And this on the heels of a little six foot three 200 pound point guard who averaged a triple double for an entire 2016-2017 basketball season? For the whole season?

And by the way, very quietly in the shadows of King James, little Russell Westbrook, at six foot three inches tall, is just about averaging a triple double for this year. And I think he's got a real good shot, because he's at 9.6 rebounds as we speak, and he could pull it off again. Anybody talking about that?


- No, nobody's saying a word. But everybody goes goo goo ga ga over LeBron James averaging a triple double for the month of February, which by the way, includes a seven day all-star break, which knocks the games down to only 10 for the month of February. So most months have 14 or 15 games, it varies depending on how the schedule falls. So LeBron did it in only a 10 game month of February.

So remember, they get longer and longer all-star break now, so it's just 10 games, and the last two wins of this month came against Memphis, and then last night Brooklyn, who are a combined for the month one and 18. That's what they went for the month. And Brooklyn went 0 and nine in the month. Wait, 0 for its last nine?

SHANNON SHARPE: With that pick. If you don't-- Skip, can I ask you, I want to know one thing. I just want to know if the greatest basketball player, who you allege is Michael Jordan--

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't allege. Everybody knows. You know, and I know, and Joy knows, everybody knows it's Michael Jordan. It's not alleged, it's a fact.

SHANNON SHARPE: OK, for this argument, I will say Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Did they play games in February, from '84 until 2003 when he retired? Did they play games in February?


SHANNON SHARPE: So why didn't he average a triple double? If it was so easy?

- He wasn't a triple double guy.


- Yeah. Who went six and 0 in NBA finals without averaging a triple double?

- We ain't talking about that. Only four men have ever done what LeBron James has done. Russell Westbrook, Wilt Chamberlain, and Oscar Robertson. Now prior to last night, Wilt was the oldest to do it at 31. LeBron stepped it up by two years.

SKIP BAYLESS: So remember, LeBron is only four years older than Russell Westbrook. He's 33, Russell is 29. So it's not like he's 10 years older and Russ is 10 years younger.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. You remember Russ had missed some time with that injury. And there were times that Russ wasn't making the playoffs.

- So in the month of February, while everybody's going goo goo ga ga over LeBron averaging a triple double, his basketball team barely managed to go six and four in the month of February, in the mere 10 games they played in February, and that was only the case because last night, barely, LeBron and company, and company, really came to play last night. Whoa! Did he not have some help in the fourth quarter last night?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, we needed it.

- They barely overcame a Brooklyn Nets team that is now 20 and 42, which means Brooklyn is right in that dead heat at the bottom of the league for the number one overall pick. They are vying for the number one overall pick. And it took you down to the last few seconds of this game to outlast the Brooklyn Nets, who managed to make five three point shots and score 32 points in the fourth quarter alone.