Stephen Jackson praises Anthony Davis as a more athletic version of Tim Duncan

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Reflecting on Anthony Davis dropping 53 points in the New Orleans Pelicans' victory over the Phoenix Suns, former San Antonio Spur and NBA champion Stephen Jackson explains to Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he is declaring AD a more athletic version of Tim Duncan. Do you agree with Jackson's analysis of The Brow?

- How good is he?

- An athletic Tim Duncan.

SKIP BAYLESS: Ooh. That's a mouthful you just spat out.

- Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And I always say this. You know, him and Boogie together, it was scary because it was a more athletic version of Tim Duncan and Dave. I played with Dave and Tim. Dave Robinson's last year, I was able to win a championship. And I seen how they dominated the paint, you know, the whole season. We won 62 games, I think, that year.

The way these two dominate the paint-- I was actually at the game too when Boogie got hurt because I was down there for his weekend. And these two guys are so dominant, they could score-- they could take turns to score every play. They get every rebound. And I wanted to see how far they could go together in the playoffs. I wanted Boogie to be healthy because he was having-- they both were having MVP years.


- Now that Boogie's out the picture now, AD's going back to the player he was before Boogie came. And the thing about it now is I think he's more confident in himself. The numbers he's putting up are MVP numbers. The only thing now is to see if he can carry this team to the playoffs and keep a six, seven, eight spot without Boogie. That's the question. I think he can do it. The numbers he's putting up now, the ways everybody else is stepping up in Boogies absence-- I think they got a good chance of making the playoffs.

- He's special. And then, I mean, OK, you go 1, 2, you say LeBron, KD. And then you go Steph, Harden, Russ, AD. I think they're very-- but here's the thing. What's so amazing about him-- Skip, he's two weeks away from his 25th birthday. Dude's not even 25. So you got another-- in his prime-- another five to eight years in his absolute prime--


- --of doing this. And back-- you know, me and my researcher, we've-- you know, crunching numbers.

- Oh.


- Yeah, you know Jordan didn't win a playoff series till the fourth year?

- Mm-hmm.