How Lonzo Got His Groove Back: Skip Bayless reveals how LA’s rookie has refocused to lead Lakers

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Drawing upon what he saw last night in Lonzo Ball's return to the Lakers where he scored 14 points and was a perfect 4-4 from the field, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he believes Lonzo will be a special player for Magic Johnson's historic Purple and Gold. Is Lonzo back and truly ready to lead LA?

- Skip, what have you seen from Lonzo since his return?

- Special. He is special, he's going to be special. And I'm starting to see that kid who dominated the Summer League and won MVP of the Summer League when all those other kids were all playing on all their other teams. And this is a small sample size against two bad teams but I'm seeing a different Lonzo Ball. Because he was gone for whatever it was six odd weeks and it took some of the focus off him.

It wasn't like OK, dance, you're on. Where now he's coming off the bench and he played 17 minutes against Dallas and 24 minutes last night in Atlanta and it was a blowout. But he played so much more freely than he did before. He played more aggressively than I've seen him for most of his first stint where there was night after night when he just looked completely disengaged, disconnected from the offense.

And the best development, obviously is I told you, he can shoot the three. He made 41% at UCLA. I realize this line's a little farther back but he has made six out of nine just because I think some of the pressure is off, some of the nightly spotlight is off Lonzo Ball. In part because he's coming off the bench and in part because Jordan Clarkson is no longer there fighting for his minutes. Trying to come in and show him up and upstage him because Jordan Clarkson is an extremely competitive, veteran player. I think that helped to sort of clear the decks for Lonzo to take over the team a little bit more.

SHANNON SHARPE: I think he--