Joy Taylor reveals why Popovich’s comparison of LeBron James to Black Panther is so crucial in today’s world

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In her discussion with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, Joy Taylor reveals why San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich's comparison of LeBron James to Black Panther is crucial in today's world.

- Well, sports is a microcosm of society.

- Absolutely.

- Whenever we talk about things that happen that are negative, you know, guys getting arrested, or domestic violence, or something like that, it's not because it's exclusive to sports. It's because sports is a microcosm of society. Everything that happens in the world also affects sports, because they're human beings, and those circumstances affect them as well.

But to me, to diminish everything that Lebron's done-- he may be the all-around greatest superstar, off the court, that we've ever seen. And that's just-- he hasn't even retired yet.

- Right.

- He hasn't even had the ability to apply himself completely to it. I think when you look back-- we talk about with Colin Kaepernick, this whole time-- history's gonna look back more favorably on him than he is now. You know that, with Muhammad Ali, everybody didn't like Muhammad Ali.

- No.

- Look at Jackie Robinson. I mean, he never even, really, gets brought up when we talk about things like this-- Roberto Clemente. These are guys that were very active in the community and made lasting impact-- in the whole world-- not just in sports. So to diminish what Lebron's done-- to me, when you look at the numbers and the people he's affected-- is, really, to diminish the kids that he's--

- Impacting.

- He's impacted, yeah.