Skip Bayless unveils the ‘bigger picture’ for LeBron James and Cavs after their loss to the Spurs

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Reflecting on what he saw in the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss to the San Antonio Spurs, Skip Bayless unveils to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor the 'bigger picture' for LeBron James and his squad as the playoffs approach. Do you agree with Skip?

- So before I launch into what I'm about to say, let us not lose sight of the fact that LeBron may be trying to take some of the focus and some of the blame off what happened in the fourth quarter. Because at home, they got blown off their home floor once again, 34 to 20 in the fourth quarter. That's-- that's not pretty.

- No.

- And the best player on the planet is on one team, and the lowly Spurs are the other team. Because you realize, they came in having lost six out of seven games. Four straight games they had lost. They've been pretty pathetic without Kawhi Leonard. And yesterday, they didn't have a guy who'd been vying for sixth man of the year in Manu Ginobili. He's got a chest contusion. He did not see the floor yesterday, and it was 34 to 20 Spurs, just in the fourth quarter. So let's not lose sight of that.

It may have been fairly strategic on Lebron's part to send this Salvo with the referees just to take the onus off the mess that was the Cavaliers offense on the floor during the fourth quarter, and their defense for that matter. But now, let's go back to the bigger picture point. I am shocked that LeBron James chose yesterday to take this shot at the referees. Because Mr. Sharp, exhibit A here is, the San Antonio Spurs have fouled the least number of times in the NBA this year. They just don't foul a whole lot.

So let's keep it in the context here that we have the team that's fouled the least, after LeBron on Friday night played at Memphis. And by the way, I gave him high marks on Twitter for this. You can look it up. He did play back to back at Memphis on Friday night. But if you want to talk about discrepancy, Memphis is the team in the NBA that has fouled the most times. They have fouled 329 times more than the Spurs have fouled. So if you want to take a stand against the referees and how you're not being officiated, take it on Friday night ahead of the big Sunday national TV game against Popovich and the Spurs.

- OK.

- Because Memphis fouls the most, and still you shot only four free throws against Memphis. You played your high minutes. And he played by far the most minutes in the game yesterday, but he shot only four free throws yesterday, right. OK. So your criticism, your case should have been made on Friday night about what happened at Memphis. They did win the game obviously, but versus what happened yesterday. The Spurs have always played LeBron very well. As everybody knows in finals competition, it's 11 to 5, Popovich and Spurs. That's the score of the games. They've won 11 games to five games for LeBron and his tenure in the finals versus San Antonio.

- Correct.

- So the point is that their mantra, and I've told you this again and again on LeBron is, don't let him get to the rim. And because they are so long with Gasol and LaMarcus, especially when they're on the floor together, which is often. LeBron just can't get to the rim. And there was a play that was made with 657 left in the game, that caused LeBron to get a technical foul. And Kyle Anderson actually blocked LeBron from behind. Are you believing that? I mean Kyle can't out jump you right now.

- Did he hit him in the face?

- Nope. He didn't hit him at all. He blocked the ball as cleanly as you can block it. And LeBron turns and whines to the referee about, he didn't hit him in the face. He got pure all ball. And LeBron turns and, ahh you got it. And he got a technical foul, which he deserved at that point, because he'd been crying about everything.

- I don't believe it was about that play. That was the play that probably brought it to the crescendo. But he's complaining like they're filing me before, and you're not giving this call. But see, I love how you mentioned they were blowing off the court in the fourth quarter.

- Yeah. Because they were.

- The Cavs shot three free throws, the Spurs shot 13.

- Well one team's more aggressive than the other team.

- Oh really? So you want me to believe-- you would have me to believe that Murray and these guy drive the basketball more than LeBron James.

- The Spurs are by foul, the fewest fouling team in basketball. They play smart basketball. They don't foul a lot. You know, it's kind of an art form in basketball, lost on your eyes often to try not to foul. Don't play physical over the top crash and bang basketball, because that will send the other team to the free throw line. The Spurs don't send you to the free throw line very often, so why would LeBron take a stand against this team. I agree with you in the big picture. This is Shaquille O'Neal syndrome. It is. But it's been this way for the last what five years. By the way, Tristan said he weighs 280. Maybe Tristan has some inside information.

- LeBron don't weigh no 280.

- That's what Tristan said, he's 280. I mean, he plays with him. He's his teammate.

- So.

- I'm going to say-- I'm going to start calling him 280 pound LeBron James.

- No, don't do that.

- 6'9", 280, that's unfair. That is unfair.

- Stop it Skip.

- And the referees know it's unfair. They know that any time LeBron wants to, he can get to the rim.

- OK. Well how about calling it?

- OK. So here's what happens. Referees are smart. Referees read the websites. They read all the newspapers.

- Why they reading the paper?

- They know what's going on and what's not going on, and they know who can make their free throws and who doesn't make their free throws. And they're right there with me, because they've known for years and years that LeBron, for all of his all time greatness. And he is obviously all time great. We can debate where he belongs on Mt. Rushmore, or whether he yet even belongs anywhere.

- He's on Mt. Rushmore. Talk about debating.

- I'm not sure about that. But he has been a poor free throw shooter by his status.