Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron’s officiating complaints in Cavs’ loss to Spurs

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron James' complaints on the officiating in the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Do you agree with Shannon that The King is being officiated unfairly compared to other players?

- Shannon, does LeBron have a point?

- Of course he does. LeBron James drove the ball yesterday 18 times. He shot four free throws. Let's put this in context.

James Harden averages driving the ball to the basket 17 times a game. He shoots 10 free throws a game. Devin Booker, Lou Williams are shooting more free throw attempts per game than LeBron James.

And Skip, you always get him, like, LeBron, drive the ball to the basket. No one can stop you. Well, this is the biggest deterrent for him. Because when he drives the ball to the basket, he doesn't get officiated fairly.

And again, it goes back-- oh, he's like Shaq. You know, Shaq was the hardest guy in the NBA to ever officiate. Nowhere in the rulebook-- and I've looked it at a little bit, Joy. I haven't read it like I, you know, do certain things. But I've looked at the rulebook. But nowhere does it say if you're 6'8", 250 pounds, you will be officiated differently than someone who's not.

The guy that's guarding LeBron-- does he impede him from going where he wants to go illegally-- a foul? Does he grab? Does he clutch? Does he slap? It's a foul.

LeBron James is not-- if you didn't know any better-- if I just took "James" off the back of the jersey and watched him drive and watched how he's officiated, you would think he's just a guy. Now, that doesn't excuse George Hill, Cedi Osman, and JR Smith going three for 21, 0 for 10 from the three-point line. Four of the starters had 14 points. LeBron James had 33. That doesn't excuse that, Skip. But what he--

SKIP BAYLESS: How many minutes did those other starters play in the fourth quarter, just for the record?

- I'm looking at George-- I'm looking at JR. He played about 10 minutes too long. Cedi played about--

SKIP BAYLESS: Wait, wait. They played-- he played zero. JR played zero in the fourth quarter. Cedi got in with one minute of garbage time left in the whole game. So he played one minute in the fourth quarter. Tristan played zero minutes in the fourth quarter. And George Hill played zero minutes in fourth quarter. So TyLuet just said, they are garbage today, so they're not going to play a single minute of the fourth quarter.

- And what happened, Skip-- you know-- and this is what normally goes. LeBron normally tries to play at least about 11 minutes of the third quarter. They get him out, and then they try to give him a break the first three to five minutes of the fourth quarter. And that's kind of where the game got out of hand.


- Because they-- what-- they made that three-point basket, and then they may 13 straight. So a 16-0 run kind of put the game-- and by the time LeBron got back in, it had gotten out of hand. But there was a situation, Skip-- LeBron is standing under the basket. Pau Gasol shoves him in the back with both hands. You saw it. Everybody saw it. They get the-- oh, why are you smiling, Skip? Why you "kee-kee-keeing?"

SKIP BAYLESS: Pau Gasol-- I'm not sure he could shove you down. I mean, seriously.

- Did he shove him in the back, Skip? Yes or no? That's all I'm asking.

SKIP BAYLESS: I guess so. But Pau Gasol? They even let Pau dunk on him in the fourth quarter. He's, like, the least physical big man in the NBA. But go ahead.

- But did he push him? Look at that?

SKIP BAYLESS: He's total finesse.

- Skip, he's--


- LeBron-- he pushed the man in the back.


- He pushed him in the back. You know he pushed him in the back.


- And then he get off a three.

SKIP BAYLESS: It's Pau Gasol!

- It doesn't matter, Skip. He used both hands. He shoved the guy in the back. When have you seen-- when have--

SKIP BAYLESS: But that wasn't about driving the ball to the basket.

- No, no, no. I'm just saying--


- --the disparity, Skip.


- Lebron's at home. They shoot 14. The road team shoots 32. When was the last time you saw that happen?


- That doesn't happen often.


- And I think he's trying to plant the seed-- every once in a while, Skip, he's like, I get officiated differently. They're not giving me the calls that they give other guys that drive the basketball. And some guys that are not known as drivers of the ball are getting calls that LeBron James no longer gets.

As Joy mentioned in the read, he's on pace to shoot the fewest amount of free throw attempts since his rookie season. He's driving the ball as much as he ever has, but he's shooting less at the free throw line. Why is that, Skip Bayless? This is unacceptable. LeBron James should be getting the same call as the James Hardens, the Russell Westbrooks.

Now I know, on average, they drive more. I mean, and looking at the stats, it's a little-- it's a little misleading. But what do you-- like you tell me, Joy, I'm an eye test guy. And my eyes tell me-- you know, I need glasses, but I had them on yesterday.


- And he's getting fouled--


- And they're not calling it.