Joy Taylor reacts to Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks misconduct scandal

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Joy Taylor reacts to the Sports Illustrated report detailing inappropriate behavior within the Dallas Mavericks organization. Mavs owner Mark Cuban was not linked with harassment himself, but the NBA’s most visible owner finds himself under fire for allowing his employees to behave in such a manner.

- I think it's easy to say that this isn't surprising, considering the climate that we're in with everything that's happened with the "me too" movement. At this point, if you're shocked at the widespread nature of it, you're not paying attention.

The thing that stuck out the most to me was what you said. The staffer that said she felt more comfortable in the locker room, than out of the locker room. Because we've heard that saying "locker room" talk thrown around a lot. And to me, anyone who thinks that that is what goes on in the locker room today, has never played professional sports, or has actually spent time around professional athletes. Because we know what it used to be like for reporters and women in locker rooms.

And I've been in locker rooms on every level since birth. From peewee, to high school, to college, professional, every single level. And that is just not the experience. But that's what stood out to me, is that it's funny that the locker room is the safe place, and the work environment isn't.

But when it comes to Mark Cuban, it's impossible for me to believe that, when you say out of your own mouth that you are involved in every level of your organization-- you said that, we didn't say that, you said that-- that you had no idea what was going on with your CEO, that was there with you for 15 years? I mean, at one point or another are we stupid? That's how you're treating us. Because you are the one that said it. So, I doubt this is the end of this in anyway. It will be interesting to see how the NBA handles this.

But when I heard this story, the thing that stuck out to me the most, because you know, Mark Cuban likes to say a lot of things. When you mentioned Donald Sterling, if you remember, he said that while he felt like Adam Silver had to do it, he thought that taking away the team was a quote slippery slope. And when he said that then, I thought that was interesting. Why would you be caping up for Donald Sterling in any way, unless--

- That is true. He did say that.

- --there was something about your organization that wasn't on the up and up.

- That's a good point.

- Here we are. Because obviously in 2014, we have these stories going on. So, if you just follow the details, it seems like this was not something that no one knew about. The bottom line for me is, this isn't over. And I wouldn't be surprised if, now that this story is out there, there are more organizations that come under fire for things like this.