NBA champ Eddie House asserts that there is no debate on who the GOAT is

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Eddie House says that former teammate LeBron James does not stack up to Michael Jordan when it comes to who is the best to ever play the game of basketball. What does the Cleveland Cavaliers forward have to do to further bolster his legacy?

- We're joined by NBA champ and LeBron's former teammate, Eddie House. Welcome back, Eddie.

EDDIE HOUSE: What's up? Thank you for having me.

- Good to have you.

- We need some perspective on this too.

EDDIE HOUSE: I'm going to give you some, too.

- Yes, we do.

- You give it to them. Give it to them, Eddie.

EDDIE HOUSE: I'm going to give it to you. I'm going to give it to you.

- Eddie, would LeBron pass Jordan with a title this year?

EDDIE HOUSE: Knock it off.

- Thank you. Thank you. Cased close.

- Stop it.

- Next question. Next question. Let's change the subject.

EDDIE HOUSE: We should, because this is ridiculous--

- Thank you.

EDDIE HOUSE: --that we even be talking about this, not to take away from LeBron's greatness.

- Well, you're taking away from it.

EDDIE HOUSE: No, I'm not. No, I'm not--

- This man played with LeBron James.

EDDIE HOUSE: --not taking away from Lebron's greatness. As great as he is, and, for this era, could have played in any era and still been great. But we talking about Michael Jordan. Whenever you have all of your peers-- you have your peers, they play with you, you have the greats, and then the future greats, all saying Jordan is the best. I mean, that's-- it's not even a argument.

- Kareem ain't say it.


- Bill Russell ain't say it.

EDDIE HOUSE: No, they don't--

- How do you know? They think it, they might not say it.

EDDIE HOUSE: They know it. They know it for sure. They know for a fact.

And if you look at it, just the average, Jordan averages more points, less rebounds, less assists. We know LeBron is a facilitator first. He's a bigger man, so he should have a couple of more assists and rebounds than he-- he's played more games and has less points in 15 seasons.

So, I mean, that's what you-- everybody's talking-- is going to say, oh, he's going to blow out all the numbers that Jordan had, his career numbers. That's what he's going to do. It's about rings. Because nobody talks about Wilt, because he has all these rebounds. Nobody talks about Kareem, the all time leading scorer, as being the greatest of all time. It's about rings.

And even Bill Russell, with the Lever, and nobody even talks about him.

- Why not?

EDDIE HOUSE: Everybody talks about-- have you-- has it ever-- has it ever came out your mouth?

- No, I'm saying-- I like Kareem. I said Kareem. I mean, he got six MVPs.

EDDIE HOUSE: So if you gonna say Kareem, over six MVPs, and what about Jordan? Six final MVPs, me right?

- Yeah.

EDDIE HOUSE: 6-0. Don't even went to a game 7.

- Let me ask you a question.

EDDIE HOUSE: What game seven look like?