Skip Bayless says Colts QB Andrew Luck has never lived up to his ‘next Elway’ billing

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Skip Bayless is still not sold on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Skip: "Jim Irsay made the biggest mistake of his NFL career to push Peyton Manning out the back door while patting him on the head and thanking him for all he did so that he could draft Andrew Luck and make him the next Peyton Manning."

- Andrew Luck has never lived up to his next Elway billing. And I'm going to say it again. He has gotten a huge pass from a lot of analysts who proclaimed him the next Elway. And now they've gone quiet, and they don't say I was wrong about that. They just don't say anything, and they wait and hope that Andrew Luck will get back to some kind of health, in some kind of performance level.

Because he's had his moments. But as we know, he's also been a big turnover machine. He was the tied for second-- or second in total turnovers his rookie year to Mr. butt Fumble, Mark Sanchez. In his third year he was second in total turnovers to Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt University. Not good.

So Andrew Luck has never had a QBR above seventh in the league, and he's supposed to be a top five quarterback. And he's always been pretty good. But he's never been, is it fair to say, that guy? And I said it then, and I'm going to say it again now. Jim Irsay made the biggest mistake. I said it on the day he did this. Biggest mistake of his NFL career, he was making.

And I first guessed this to push Peyton Manning out the back door while patting him on the head and thanking him for all he did so that he could draft Andrew Luck, and make Andrew Luck the next Peyton Manning. Has Andrew Luck even come close to living up to Peyton Manning in Indianapolis? He has not. And did Peyton Manning go on to success in Denver? Yeah, he did. Because those years in Denver, the Broncos, your Broncos, go 13 and 3, 13 and 3, 12 and 4, 12, and 4, 12 and 4, with two Super Bowl appearances.

And obviously Peyton, and it wasn't. He didn't carry them to the last Super Bowl. But he did his part, for them to win the last Super Bowl.

- He made the throws--

- He made some throws.

- Absolutely had to make.

- And he should have been the MVP the first year in Denver, and he was the MVP with a record 55 touchdown passes his second year. So I'd say, that's pretty great right?


- And Andrew Luck has not been pretty great. And I'm going to say this again. I've never thought, and I said this before his draft, he had a great feel for football. Obviously, he's got big time talent. He's prototype size, what is he? 6-3, 250?

SHANNON SHARPE: 6-3 and a half, 6-4. Yeah.

- Two-- maybe 260? I don't know, he's a big kid.

He's a big man.

- All right. And yet I've always felt like he would try too hard. He wants to be the coach's dream. He'll stand in the pocket way too long, trying to throw home runs. He will take hits he doesn't need to take, that Peyton never took. Because you know and I know, Peyton knew how to get rid of the football.


- And Andrew Luck will take off and run, and he will not get down. He'll try to play linebacker. He'll try to run over linebackers.


- And what are we seeing now? We're seeing broken down. So Jim Irsay thought Peyton Manning was broken down, and would not recover. Peyton's doctors are saying no, we think he's got a chance. As you point out, there was a point where his triceps wouldn't refire, and he couldn't even lift his right arm, right?