Shannon Sharpe thinks Baker Mayfield should be upset at himself for the Johnny Manziel comparisons

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Shannon Sharpe talks Baker Mayfield with Skip Bayless. Find out why he thinks the former OU QB has no reason to be upset with the media for comparing him to 'Johnny Football'

SHANNON SHARPE: Baker Mayfield should be-- don't be mad at us for making the comparison. Be mad at yourself for putting yourself in that situation because if you didn't have the off field issues, we were going to be comparing you more to Russell Wilson and maybe a Drew Brees. But because you put yourself in that same sentence, you leave us no choice.

SKIP BAYLESS: I would agree.

SHANNON SHARPE: So, don't be mad at us, be mad at you.

SKIP BAYLESS: And just for the comparison quickly if we go back on the field, Russell Wilson timed 4.55 in the 40 at his Comine. So he can really run, and he is extremely, as we all know, elusive. Baker has a little elusivity, not like Johnny, not like Johnny, but certainly not like Russell Wilson. But can Baker throw it from pocket? He can really throw it from the pocket, and he led college football in QBR two years ago and was second this past year. Those are good numbers. But Johnny was number one in QBR that Heisman year.


SKP BAYLESS: So there's stats. If you look at their passing stats, they're eerily similar. And I'm saying, "OK, so now what? Can you throw it?" Again, Baker measured at the Senior Bowl 6' 3/8", so he's almost a half inch taller than Johnny.

SHANNON SHARPE: And Jonny Manziel measure 5'11" and I think a 1/4", and was what? 207.

SKIP BAYLESS: Baker's 220ish I think he was.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's what they're saying. We're going to see it at the Combine because they had Johnny Manziel at like 6' 1", 215. And either he shrunk or maybe they put him in that shrink wrap, you know? [INAUDIBLE]. They shrink wrapped him.

SKIP BAYLESS: So is Baker Mayfield Drew Brees? He is not Drew Brees.


SKIP BAYLESS: OK, so again I'm going to say it one more time. I was disappointed as an Oklahoma fan in Baker with three chances to take over that Georgia game, national semifinal late in the game, one in regulation, two in overtime, and he came up small. Now was it a result of the play calling from Lincoln Riley, the new head coach? Maybe. You could put it on Lincoln Riley, but again he didn't make the throw or the play or the run or the escape to take over the game against a really good Georgia defense.

SHANNON SHARPE: But here's the thing though Skip, Drew Brees wasn't Drew Brees that we know of right now. Now we knew about Russell, a lot of Russell because he wanted to play baseball and the coach says, "You choose one or the other." He says, "Well I'm going to play both." So he transferred and went to Wisconsin. But Russell got to Seattle, he wasn't projected to be the starter. They had just signed Matt Flynn in the off season. They gave him $10 million. Drew Brees, Atlanta wanted Michael Vick, so they got Drew Brees and LaDainian Tomlinson, but nobody thought Drew Brees would turn into what he-- even in San Diego and he went to the Pro Bowl, nobody thought Drew Brees was going to be this once he got to New Orleans Skip. Baker is coming in with more attention and more credence because winning the Heisman Trophy and getting his team to the BTS Championship, but I mean, Baker that's your fault. These off the field activities, this immaturity, you brought that upon yourself. We're not just throwing stuff out, you make it seem like we're making it up. Like, "Oh, y'all are trying to paint me." Look at it. Look at Johnny Manziel and just look at you. It's almost like you're reading his hand book.

SKP BAYLESS: I would agree with you. And again, I'm hoping he doesn't turn into Johnny because Johnny has turned into one of the sadder stories in the history of football, to me.

SHANNON SHARPE: But Baker, when you get drafted you can make this all go. That would be where the comparison can stop.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, he's trying to get drafted high. So.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. Look, Johnny, I don't believe, just Skip, at 6 foot tall, I just don't believe in the red flags that were there with Johnny. I just don't believe Johnny was going to be a top five pick in the top 10. Had Cleveland not jumped back in to get him, he might have fallen out of the first round.

SKIP BAYLESS: He might have. And it took a text to Dowell Loggains who was the quarterback coach who was in the war room saying, "Let's wreck the league together." And Dowell showed it to--

SHANNON SHARPE: He did. He wrecked the Browns, and he wrecked his own career.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, he wrecked his own career for sure.

SHANNON SHARPE: He got Dowell Loggains fired up. Johnny Manziel caused a lot of people their jobs in Cleveland. And that's what happened. And that's what makes it so sad. You want to ruin your own career, have at it. But man, don't be bringing other people into this. But, you know, that's Cleveland for you.

- It's all on Baker now, but Mike Florio is reporting that teams might continue to make this comparison just to test him throughout the process. The Combine starts next Tuesday, so maybe they're just like pushing him to see if he snaps a little bit.