Skip Bayless lays out the case that M.J. is still greater than LeBron James

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Skip Bayless talks LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Find out why he thinks 'The King' still hasn't caught M.J.

- Just for a moment, I'm going to let you continue to dream and reach and delude yourself in this argument, which just tires me out, because your only hope here is to win the longevity argument. And even so, let's just do-- let's start with the All-Star MVPs. I know you just dismissed it. But--

SHANNON SHARPE: I didn't dismiss it. I mean, it's a great accomplishment.

- LeBron was the oldest player on the floor the other night, and he won the MVP at age 33. Guess what? Just for the record, by witnesses, Michael Jordan won MVP at age 34. That was his last All-star MVP. So he was still doing pretty well at age 34, OK?

- And LeBron's already been to more All-star games too.


- But I don't-- that's none of my business.

- So LeBron James has gotten to seven straight finals. And let's just, for the record, look back at those and look at what happened in the Eastern Conference. Were they not expected by almost everyone to get to those seven finals? Sure, they were. Yeah. They were expected.

I don't know if everybody thought they would, but most people thought they would get to the finals. So he did what was expected of him with the Miami teams, and then with the Kyrie teams. And let's just for the sake of argument say he gets to an eighth, and let's say he stays in Cleveland-- which means he would stay in the East, which I think would be very smart-- because I still don't see any new beasts of the East. Maybe Boston's coming, but they're not coming like Cleveland just came at the trade deadline back into a prohibitive favorite in the East.

So would it be expected for LeBron and his new company to get to the finals? Sure, it would be. OK, so let's say he gets to 10 straight Finals in Cleveland in the East. And he would almost certainly be expected to get to two more if he stays in Cleveland.


- OK? So 10 finals in a row-- and let's say, for the sake of my argument, that he continues to lose finals, and he loses all the way to the west to 3 and 8. Well, could you even begin to make the case that because he got to 10 straight through the Eastern Conference finals-- to the NBA Finals-- that that would measure up to 6 and 0?

- No! No! No, no, no, no, no. But I'm using the same argument that you used for Tom Brady. Tom Brady's been to eight, but he's lost 3, but he's better than Joe Montana, correct? Joe Montana is 4 and 0. Now last I checked, 4 and 0 is better than 5 and 3, but you're saying Tom Brady-- you give Tom kudos for getting to eight Super Bowls. Although he lost. Look who-- he lost to Nick Foles.

- OK, but wait a second.


- Hold on just a second.


- The reason I defend Brady is that in seven Super Bowls-- seven times out of eight trips to the Super Bowl-- in the fourth quarter, Tom Brady has executed a game-winning drive. A couple of times he got it got canceled by the other quarterback-- this case, Nick Foles, the other case was Eli in the first Eli Super Bowl-- but seven times out of eight, Tom Brady pulled off what looked to be a winning fourth quarter drive that put them from behind to ahead. Is that not clutch for you? That's pretty special, wouldn't you say?

- I mean, a lot of these Finals, LeBron was the leading score. But it's a team game. You see what happened? As great as Brady is, and he is all-time great. What was the word you used? Transcendental?

- Mm-hm. No, I think you used that word, but that's OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: He's transcendental. But--

SKIP BAYLESS: Shannon, you need to face the facts.


- This game is already way over just because all you and the blind witnesses continue to give LeBron more passes than he throws. And I continue to say he's the best passer in basketball.


- Because his legacy has been repeatedly tarnished in ways that LeBron didn't-- then Michael's never was. If we start with, did Michael Jordan ever suffer a meltdown on the biggest stage in the sport as LeBron did on the Dallas Mavericks?

- It all depends. I mean, if you count going out in the first round.

SKIP BAYLESS: But was that a meltdown? Was that Michael? This was all LeBron. He just melted down in that Final.

SHANNON SHARPE: It was just LeBron, huh?

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, I'd say he was the best player on the team. And I think everybody sit back and said, LeBron, what happened to you? Even you said, man, I can't defend that.