Skip Bayless reacts to the Baker Mayfield-Johnny Manziel comparisons

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Looking ahead to the 2018 NFL combine, Skip Bayless discuss the comparisons between former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel.

- Baker Mayfield now has a Johnny Manziel problem, whether he likes it or not. If there had been no Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield's stock would be considerably higher at this moment than it is. And I'm also not saying Baker Mayfield will turn into Johnny Manziel, but the similarities are there and they are eerie.


- And if I'm an NFL team, they are scary. Because both came from some privileged background, one in the suburbs of San Antonio, the other suburbs of Austin, Texas. So they're both Texas high school kids who were under recruited and overlooked, both of them. So they both have some overachiever. They both play with big little man chips on their shoulder pads, am I right?


- And in this case, both of them love to trash talk, because Johnny could trash talk with the best. Both liked to taunt the opposition, Johnny with his money thing and Baker with various crotch grabs, you know, what else. And both can turn on the charm for the adults out there. Because when it's time to do the press conference, both can just blow you away with how mature they sound. They're both 22 going on 32 when they're around the adults.

But hey, Johnny Manziel, especially when he went over the edge in Cleveland, he decided to prioritize winning the party over winning the game.


- And he fell into substance abuse in Cleveland that wrecked his career. And it has become a sad story, because I'm going to remind everybody, Johnny Manziel was an electric college football player.


- If you look at that Heisman year, that freshman year, as a redshirt freshman year, at Texas A&M, it's just staggering the numbers that he put up all the way to that bowl game against my Oklahoma Sooners, the Cotton Bowl that year. He threw for 287 and ran for 229. It's just-- that's 516 total yards. Remember what he did to Nick Saban's defense?

SHANNON SHARPE: And Skip, and how about that? Their signature win came on the road in the Heisman Trophy season, Johnny Manziel--


- --in Tuscaloosa.

SKIP BAYLESS: You got it.

- --him at the Shoe--


- --at the Horseshoe.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is correct. So, Johnny Manziel said last week that he has been diagnosed as being bipolar. God bless him for that. And he said he needed alcohol to sort of self-medicate his condition. OK. But I also know that Johnny had other problems that escalated into some drug use, especially in his days--


- --in Cleveland. Hard stuff, that's what I was told. And I don't know anything about that with Baker Mayfield--


- --yet. All I know is he had one alcohol issue in which he was arrested for public intoxication and ran from the police and--


- What he was doing in Fayetteville, Arkansas, you got me. He was allegedly with his girlfriend and they were out partying.

- He must have been on the Tiger Woods, because you know Tiger--


- --and thought he was in Orange Orange.

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't know.

- So he might have thought he was in either Oklahoma or Texas because, hey, you know that stuff that old Snoop get. Woo, joy.

- And not that Arkansas is an archrival of the University of Oklahoma, but remember once upon a time Johnny, after he was leaving Texas A&M and was about to be drafted, he wound up at a fraternity party at the University of Texas in Austin. So it's kind of similar. What are you doing guys? What are you up to here?

And I am told by the many people I know in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that Baker does like to club. He likes to be the center of attention at the nightclubs. And I'm not saying that's bad because it might be just fine. But he had an alcohol issue. And so 2 plus 2, does it equal 4? I don't know.