Skip Bayless reveals how a ‘rejuvenated’ LeBron is now a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron James' 28-point All-Star game performance. Skip says King James suddenly seems rejuvenated and is now a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year in the NBA.

- You know what? It is starting to feel like it just might be LeBron James' year. It might have all just suddenly swung at the trade deadline.

SHANNON SHARP: Did you not miss the other 14?

SKIP BAYLESS: Wait, did you not see the 19 games ahead of the trade deadline? The 19 before, LeBron James had a plus minus of minus 147.

- What is it now?

- Which was the worst in the whole NBA.

- We're just holding our breath.

- Oh. So, you know what? LeBron is now a candidate for comeback player of the year in the NBA.

- Stop it. Stop it.

- Well, he is. Have you ever seen anybody play that poorly, and suddenly get this rejuvenated? And it's because of the most impactful deal I've ever seen at the trade deadline.

- Yeah. Oh, he did it.

- I think that all of a sudden LeBron--

- Well, he should have did it, after he effed that one up. Trading Kyrie.

- He fixed that.

- He ain't fixing sh-[BLEEP].

- He got rid of all the bad--

- Yeah.

- --and he kept all the good. And all of a sudden, Lebron's got more help than he's ever had.