Shannon Sharpe reacts to Team LeBron defeating Team Steph in the NBA All-Star game

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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss the improved NBA All-Star game format and Team LeBron defeating Team Steph 148-145. LeBron James scored 29 points,10 rebounds and won his 3rd All-Star MVP.

- Shannon, what was your takeaway?

- Skip, I liked it. I liked the format. I think this was a big improvement. This was the direction that the NBA needed to go in. I think when they sat down with Doris Roberts, who's head of the Players Association, who's the president, Chris Paul, and some of the execs, I think this is what they had in mind.

Now for me, you want to make it really fun, Skip? Next year, next Friday, have all the guys in the green room be treated just like a real draft. Team LeBron with the first pick.

- Good with that.

- Select Kevin Durant. But Skip, from a competitive standpoint, this was as competitive as we've seen it the last couple of years. Skip, it was getting out of hand. This 189 to 192 and all that kind of-- that's not basketball. And I understand this is an All-Star game, and you're going to have a lot of points. But everything can't be a three or an uncontested dunk. So we saw the guys getting after it last night.

And you saw-- they were not letting Steph Curry. Kevin Durant was like, Rod, you my teammate, but you're not about to get the shot up. DeMar DeRozan, you're not about to get this shot up, either. So it lets you know that the game meant something to them.

But it also showed me, Joy, something I knew all along and I've known this for the past 13, 14 years. That the de facto top dog in all of NBA basketball is 123. He resides in Akron, Ohio. He plays. For the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- Why is he de facto? I thought he just was.

- De facto.

- Oh, you mean by default?

- No. Because you, sometimes, oh, a guy has a good game against LeBron, oh, he's not the best player. I just wanted you to know, because in the fourth quarter, what happened, Skip? He touched the ball.

- Tell me when it's my turn.

- It's not your turn just yet, I just started. I've been on vacation for a whole week.

- Yeah, I've been saving up all week over here. So you better hurry.

- When the fourth quarter came around, the last five or six minutes of the ballgame, they say Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kyrie, Russ, LeBron, bring us home. And I keep telling you-- see, you want to put emphasis on scoring. And LeBron can do that with the best of them against 29, 10, 8. We know that was going to happen.

But we made the right plays at the end of the game. Hit Russell on a cut and lay up. Ball game-- that's what we did. Team LeBron, 1, Team Steph, nothing. Moving forward, I see a lot more of this to come.