Greg Jennings explains how Lonzo Ball makes the Lakers better when he’s on the court

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In response to Magic Johnson's latest comments that he has 'no regrets' about drafting Lonzo Ball, Greg Jennings supports Magic's decision to stand by Lonzo Ball. Greg explains how Lonzo makes the team better when he's on the court.

- I can support Magic in this. And what he said was, He's everything we expected him to be. " How do we know exactly what they expected him to be this year.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Because of what he said.

GREG JENNINGS: No, what he--

- He called him knew the new face of the franchise that day.

GREG JENNINGS: Right. Has he not garnished all the attention?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: It's declined since that day.

- I'm not saying it's declined, but this is his first year. And we talk about everything that rookies are supposed to be. Yes, did they set the bar high? Absolutely. Were expectations through the roof? Absolutely, without question. But no one knew Kyle Kuzma was going to come out here and be as good as he was. So the bar got raised even higher now.

- Right, but you never played with guys who came in and they're supposed to be all that, and you could tell early on this guy ain't going to be that.

- But listen, when we look at stars, we look at stars that can actually put the ball in the basket and can make everybody around them better. He makes the team better when he's on the court because of his passing ability, his ability to get out in transition, his own selfishness with the ball in his hands. He just can't shoot, so that's a knock on him. That's something he's going to have to work on and improve. The only part that I disagree with Magic about is the "and more" part, because I believe Magic when he says, "He's everything that we expected him to be," because I don't think their expectations this year-- if you listen to Magic and his expectations of the team this year, they weren't high.

- Did he expect him to shoot? Do you think he expected him to shoot 35%?

- No I don't think he did.

- OK, so that right there means the statement was wrong.

- No, no no no no.

- 48% from the free throw line? 20% whatever, 30% from three, come on.

- I agree with those. I agree with those numbers. I agree with that. All I'm saying is I don't think Magic's expectations for this year were high for anyone across the board, including Lonzo. Even though he elevated and made sure that-- I mean this is what you're supposed to do.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: No, you're not supposed to say your jersey is going to be in the rafters one day and you're going to break all the records of one of the best players in history. You're not supposed to say that.

- How are you-- who are you to tell Magic what he can and cannot say?

- Well, he put up an expectation that he has to live up to. You can say that, "Hey, he's an exciting player who is going to be a part of this franchise for a long time. I'm looking forward to watching him play. And I saw him at UCLA. And if he can bring that same magic and change to the franchise the way he changed that college program, we'll be in great shape." That's not what he said.

- Even when LeBron James got drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, they didn't say, "He's going to be up there in the rafters and break all of Bingo Smith's records." That's LeBron James. You don't say that with Lonzo Ball.

- Being on this side of it now, this is why it always tripped me out because now all of a sudden we want Magic Johnson to be what everybody else is, which is to say the right things, to do it a certain way. "Magic you don't do it that way when you're in that position now." No. Magic is saying it from what he sees. He sees Lonzo Ball every single day, every single day. He's seen him more than any one of us at this table right now. And so to say that Magic Johnson is lying, he's telling part truth, I'll give you that. He's not telling the whole truth because there "and more" is where I think he went too far. But to say that Lonzo Ball is everything we expected him to be, he never set the bar that high for the team, so why in the world is he saying that his number is going to be lifted in the rafters this year?