Chris Broussard isn’t buying Magic’s ‘no regrets’ comment: Lonzo isn’t living up to expectations

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In his response to Magic Johnson's latest comments that he has 'no regrets' about drafting Lonzo Ball, Chris Broussard explains how this was PR talk for Magic. Chris says Magic Johnson set high expectations for Lonzo Ball and he's not living up to them.

- No, I'm not buying this. I mean, look, Magic had no choice. If you're secretly, which this isn't the case, but if you were secretly trying to trade him or thinking we might have to move on, you still say what Magic said. If you really do like him, you still say what Magic said. If you're iffy, which is probably where they are, somewhere in the middle, you still say what Magic Johnson said.

So-- but I'm not buying it for a second. Let's look at what he said, no regrets, all right? And he said something else. He said he's everything-- this is in the same quote-- we thought he would be and more. That's just a flat out lie.


- You calling Magic a liar?

- I love Magic Johnson. Magic knows I love him. That's just a flat out lie. I'm sorry. You said, when you had the press conference, what did you say? He's the new face of the Lakers. That's what you expected. He's not the fa-- he was more the face of the Lakers that day than he is now.

Now, Brandon Ingram is more the face of the Lakers. Kyle Kuzma's probably more the face of the Lakers. Heck, LaVar Ball is more the face of the Lakers than Lonzo is. So number one, that's wrong.

You said-- you were talking about retiring his jersey. You said, don't break all my records. At his best, he will never be Magic Johnson. He never will. Maybe he'll be Jason Kidd. I don't even know if he'll be that. But he'll never be Magic Johnson.

So those were the expectations Magic set for him, and he just hasn't reached them. He's fallen off. Beyond that, I think he can be a very good player, and he's played better than people give him credit for. But he's not exciting, not an exciting player.

You compared him to yourself, Magic. Magic was the ultimate showman. His passes were tremendous, the best passer by far in NBA history, the most exciting passer. Lonzo is not that. Even when he's cooking, when he's getting his rare triple-doubles, when he's getting everybody involved, it's very pedestrian. It's-- there are no no-looks. Stuff like that doesn't come from him.

Then you throw on top of that LaVar. LaVar is, one, a deterrent to free agents, most particularly LeBron James. So that's not what you expected. That's not what you wanted. Your teammates and coaches are in the line of fire from LaVar's mouth. That's not what you wanted.

Then, the Lakers-- the Lakers are not associated with the Big Baller Brand. But in the story that Ramona Shelburne wrote for, great story, where this quote came from, she wrote that when Big Baller Brand was failing to deliver their shoes and product to customers, people called the Lakers--

- Looking for their merchandise.

- --looking for their merchandise. So now, on top of all the basketball problems, on top of all of his bluster that's brought problems to the franchise, now you have people thinking that you aren't delivering on your promises, when it's really the Big Baller Brand. So those are the facts. So Magic was just being a public relations guy.