Chris Broussard and Greg Jennings react to Isaiah Thomas – Rajon Rondo altercation

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Chris Broussard and Greg Jennings discuss Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo getting in a fight and being ejected from last night's New Orleans Pelicans-Los Angeles Lakers game.

- Chris, does I.T. deserve blame for getting ejected?

- Well, first of all, I wish I knew what Rondo was saying. How do you keep bringing up the tribute?


- What's up with that tribute, man? That should have been Paul's day, man.


MALE ANCHOR: What are you doing?

- What you doing?


- I really would like to hear what he was actually saying to him.

MALE ANCHOR: But he's trying to get under his skin. You know that.

FEMALE ANCHOR: Right, but how, yeah.

- And look. Isaiah, we know he can be blamed for a lot this year. He is absolutely right, though, last night. He should not have gotten ejected. He should not have gotten a technical. This was all Rondo. Rondo basically hit him two or three times in the face. I don't know if it was two or three.

I mean, he hit him. He didn't all out punch him, but he clearly was trying to disguise stuff like this. He did it at least twice. Isaiah didn't retaliate. Isaiah is smiling, laughing. He says to the ref, what the heck is going on? He did not deserve a T. He did not deserve an ejection. I'm with Isaiah on this.

We'll get to a lot of his other things. But yesterday he should have been able to play in that game.

- I'm with you. I'm with you. I'm definitely-- I'm with you on this. It was definitely a Rajon Rondo. Almost like he premeditated this, going into this game. That I'm going to mess with this guy because I did something special with him in Boston and they weren't going to--

FEMALE ANCHOR: Video tribute.

- --give me any tribute. They will-- They're not--

MALE ANCHOR: [INAUDIBLE] his jersey retired.

- I don't know if they're going to lift my number in the rafters. I mean--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Probably not.

MALE ANCHOR: Probably not.

- I don't know. They may. I mean, you think they lift everybody's number in the rafters.

MALE ANCHOR: Oh, yeah, that's true nowadays.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Well, not numbers.

MALE ANCHOR: Well, that's what it is.


- Last night, what you saw was somebody getting in an altercation. The somebody being Rajon Rondo. This is who he is. He's a confrontational guy getting into it with another confrontational guy. A guy.

So my only issue that I have with this is I.T., after the game he said, I don't know why. I don't know why he's upset. I don't know. Man, you talk. You talk.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Yeah, yeah. He probably--

- You wo-- You wolf too.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --was saying stuff on the court too.

- Even-- if you watch, even in his time in Cleveland when he wasn't dressed, he was on the sidelines, standing up yelling at players, cussing them out. This is who Isaiah Thomas is. So now all of a sudden, don't act like you just--


- Look, I didn't do anything.

FEMALE ANCHOR: That's my thing, yes.

- I was-- I just came to play basketball. This is like this past season, when Oakland played Denver, and Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib got into it. It was premeditated.


- They knew what they were getting into.