Greg Jennings disagrees the Warriors are a lock for the NBA title : ‘Nothing is guaranteed in sports’

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Greg Jennings tells Rob Parker, Chris Broussard and Holly Sonders, how the Golden State Warriors seem comfortable and complacent this season and are not a lock for the NBA title.

- You can bet your money on Golden State. But to answer the question, are the Warriors a lock? No, they're not a lock. Nothing is guaranteed. Chris, you even alluded to before you went on to your 75%, that before the season, you thought they were 100%. Nothing is guaranteed in sports. I don't care what sport we're talking about. And we can transition that to life.

- You want me to bust that right now?

- No, no, no, no.

- I'm going to guarantee you-- can I give you an example? Let me give you example. The Harlem Globetrotters win every game, and the Washington Generals lose every game.

- They actually have lost a few!


- They actually have lost a few.

- You're done. You're done.

To my point, nothing is guaranteed. This is why we play the game. And when you look at what we heard in those two post-game press conferences, Steve Kerr alluding to effort, complacency. Kevin Durant, the same thing. We have to be energetic. Before, when the Warriors were having success in the regular season, and obviously throughout the playoffs, teams had to match their intensity. Now they're trying to match other teams' intensity because other teams have constructed their teams to beat this team, to knock down this big franchise that everybody is saying is the greatest thing ever assembled.

And I get it. Are-- should we be barring all the alarm, sounding every alarm? No, because they have players. You mentioned, they have three of the top 10 players in the league on their team. Two of the top three players are on their team.

MAN: And if you're going to go, they have four of the best 20 players in the league.

- Yeah, and so, I mean, they have-- they have the arsenal and the weaponry to make sure that they can bounce back. But if you look at Cleveland this year, their issue was effort. They had to clean house, because of effort. And they couldn't overcome it in games, late in games, because they didn't have the type of arsenal offensively to get it done. What you see in Golden State is a level of complacency. I'm not saying that they're not-- they are unwilling, or they won't be able to turn it on, because they're definitely capable of turning it on. But right now, what we're seeing is a team that is comfortable, that is complacent, and have this sense of entitlement, if you will, to where they don't think they have to play as hard as everybody else. Because they feel like they can come back.

I'll tell you once stat that supports that. Turnovers. This team has always turned the ball over.

MAN: They've always turned it over.

- They've always turned the ball over. But they've always been able to outscore their opponent, even with their turnovers. Now, they're-- in their wins, they're averaging about 15 turnovers, only giving up 17 points. In their losses, they're averaging 18 turnovers, giving up 24 points. When you turn the ball over, what that tells me is your effort isn't there. You don't really care how you-- when you turn the ball over, are we getting back in transition? Are we pressing and guarding the three-point Line? You talked about Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant talked about it yesterday.

Trailblazers came out and knocked down three, four five threes in the first quarter and got their momentum going. You can't allow that. That's telling me you're coming off the bus not ready to play. And everybody, when you are the top dog, every team you play, night in and night out, is going to give you their best effort. They went into Utah got blasted.