Chris Broussard explains why the Warriors are not a lock to win the NBA Championship

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In reaction to Golden State's 123-117 loss to Portland, Chris Broussard explains to Rob Parker, Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders the challenges ahead of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the Warriors on the road to winning the NBA Championship.

FEMALE ANCHOR: Chris, are the Warriors still a lock to win it all?

CHRIS: Not a lock. Before this season, I felt 100% that the Warriors were going to win the championship. Now I'm going to say I'm down to about 70% to 75%, which is significant considering how great they are, how talented they are. And the decline-- while it has something to do with themselves, that's only a small part of it.

I'll get to it. A lot of it has to do with how well Houston is playing. I have said, and I still believe, that Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the best backcourt in NBA history. They've been together seven years. They've won two championships. But Chris Paul and James Harden are probably better.

I wouldn't say they're the best in history, because they just got together. They haven't been together long. But when you match the two up, Houston's backcourt is probably better. We have not seen anything like this since maybe Walt Frazier, Earl the Pearl, Monroe.

And is showing. Offensively, Houston is the top-ranked offensive of all time. Right now that's the pace they're playing at. You look at the other top five teams of all time. Number two, the Showtime Lakers, Magic Johnson, 1987. Won a title.

Number three, Golden State, last year obviously had a stacked team. Won a title. Number four, Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, 1992. Won a title. Number five, Boston with Larry Bird, 1988. Didn't win a title, but a tremendous team. And Houston's playing defense.

Then, the Cavaliers. We talked about them the last few days. The way they've improved and the way they look like they should continue to get better, the pieces they've added, the holes that they've stopped up. I think they could eventually improve to the point where they can challenge Golden State.

Now, to Golden State. They have some major issues and you heard it in those comments. Kevin Garnett, a lack of urgency. Steve Kerr, careless.

MALE ANCHOR: Kevin Durant.

CHRIS: Not ready-- Kevin Durant, yeah. Steve Curry, not ready to play. Careless. Those are signs of frustration and just being exasperated and a bit mentally burnt out. Because it is hard-- I don't care how much talent you have-- to get to four straight finals. Michael Jordan retired after three, both times.

And the first time he was burned out, and so he retired. There have only been four teams in history to get to four straight finals. Bill Russell, Celtics. Bird, Celtics. Magic, Lakers. LeBron's Miami Heat team. But most of those, after that. I mean, LeBron, in Miami. They parted ways. It's tough to do.

There's a reason the Spurs, with one of the greatest players ever in Tim Duncan, one of the greatest coaches ever in Gregg Popovich, have never even repeated as champions. And so that is what you see. The frustration, the technical fouls, Dreymond Green has been ejected three times this year. He hadn't been ejected three times in his entire career up to this point.

Kevin Durant has been ejected four times. He had only been ejected once in his entire career. Even Steve Kerr has got five technical foul. So those are some of the challenges that the Warriors are facing. I'm not saying it will break them, but it certainly brings it down as far as whether or not they're a lock to win the championship.