Rob Parker breaks down why the Cavaliers are no closer to beating the Warriors

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Rob Parker tells Chris Broussard, Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders why he thinks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers cannot compete with the Golden State Warriors even after the additions.

ROB PARKER: Got a text from Skip Bayless. He wanted to know what LeBron's plus/minus was.


The bottom line is yes. We're seeing this. Are they playing well? Yes, they are. Do they have different younger pieces? I'm with all that. But I don't think it has altered everything that, like, they were totally out of it. As long as you have LeBron, and as long as LeBron plays. Is he playing better the last couple of games? Four games? Would you say that? Than he did?

- Yeah

- OK? So he's played a lot better. He's the guy, and I get the other pieces. But he's the guy who set the bad tone when they went through that bad stretch where he wasn't playing well, and he had the worst plus/minus in the league since Christmas.

- But he can't win it by himself.

ROB PARKER: I'm not saying that.

- Are you saying, are you saying before the trade, they actually were legit championship contenders?

- No.

- Not the east.

- But they're not. They weren't before the trade. They're not after the trade.

- They have no shot against Golden State?

ROB PARKER: Don't they say no shock. Because if they play him, sure you could win. But I'm talking about, do I really believe that they have a better chance of beating Golden State before and after the trade? It's the same.

- What?

ROB PARKER: It's the same.

- How can you say that?

ROB PARKER: Because it still comes down--

- It's not just LeBron. I don't care how good he is. He can't beat them by himself.

- He says that because this is what Rob does.

- No. No. That's all this is.

- This is like, they won the first two games since the trade. They won the first two games when Isaiah Thomas joined the team.

- They beat Portland and Orlando.


- But they won the game.

- That's a little different than Boston and OKC.

- They won the games. OK? And OKC, coming into this game, had lost five of seven. So they won a bad skid.

- They didn't have Westbrook and Melo who played and played well last night.

ROB PARKER: The first game back. They didn't look that great.

- Melo was awesome!

- 7 for 19 for Westbrook. He was OK.

- Melo was great.

ROB PARKER: OK. But I'm just telling you. Don't get so carried away. I get it when you get new presents and presents for Christmas, that first day, oh my goodness. It's great. Look at what I got. And then a month later, it's in a corner and nobody's even playing with the toys. I'm telling you. There are no closer to beating Golden State. None. Zero LeBron James was as good as you could be last year. And I'm going to tell you with Kyrie and the team that they had last year, which lost in five games, don't tell me this team is better.

- It could be.

- No

- I'm going to say it.

ROB PARKER: It is not better.

- It could be.

ROB PARKER: - It is not better--

- It could be.

ROB PARKER: --right now.