Greg Jennings explains why he’s ‘all in’ on LeBron’s new-look Cavaliers

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Greg Jennings joins Chris Broussard, Rob Parker and Holly Sonders to discuss the Cleveland's 120-112 win over Oklahoma City Thunder. Greg explains why he's 'all in' on LeBron's Cavs with the new additions.

- I'm going to tell you this-- I'm all in. You throw in-- I'm all in.

- I don't see no money. You're throwing paper in.

- Look, I'll take my watch off.

- Put your money in.

- I'm all in. Anything else you want to add?

- That watch is worth something.

- I'm all in, and here's why. You talk about-- you talk about plus minus, let me address this whole plus minus situation. Their whole starting lineup was in minus last night. But because of their reserves coming off the bench and giving them a spark-- Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood-- these guys gave them so much energy and activity offensively, defensively, that's why they will sustain this.

That's why they have opportunities to do something special this year. And they will contend with the Golden State Warriors. Because one thing we know about the Warriors, they have depth. They can go in their bench, and they can continue to beat you plus minus, as you like to allude to all the time, because they have reserves that can put the ball in the goal.

When I look at this Cleveland Cavaliers team, LeBron looks so much more relaxed but energetic. It's almost like it's effortless now. He's not-- he played 39 minutes last night, but it wasn't a grind 39 minutes. It wasn't a, I have to do everything in all these minutes that I'm out here to make sure we win.

He was playing free. He took open jump shots. The ball was popping, as he likes to allude to. I mean, these guys have so many different weapons. JR Smith has revived himself. He's-- I mean, since-- when they were winning, when they were that championship caliber team, JR Smith was averaging over 12 points per game. He has already eclipsed that.

If JR Smith continues to shoot the ball the way he's shooting, with confidence-- forget even making buckets, just put the ball up and act like you have some confidence in your jumpshot. Defensively, they're active. They're stripping balls. You can't-- they did overcome the rebound situation. But I think Kevin Love coming back-- you mentioned it a couple of days ago-- putting him at the five, that's 10 rebounds a game right there. So I think that alleviates that issue right there.

- You're all in--

- I'm all in.

- --after two games.

- I'm all in.

- All because of some analysis, though. We're looking at the potential.