Chris Broussard explains how LaVar Ball is ‘hurting’ Lonzo’s career and questions his trade value

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Chris Broussard joins Rob Parker,Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders on Undisputed to discuss Lonzo Ball's trade value after LaVar threatened Lonzo would not re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers if they didn't sign LiAngelo.

- I do think that LaVar, with all his bluster, may have gotten Lonzo drafted by the Lakers. Like, if he was just a--

- There's no doubt about it.

- Yeah, if he was a normal dad, we didn't know anything about him, the Lakers may have taken De'Aaron Fox. They might not have felt the pressure, because there was so much build up and hype now, that you have to take Lonzo. He's a local kid.

- And especially a local kid, who played at UCLA. If they pass, say Magic-- here's his first big draft. He passes, and he became a star, Magic would get killed. Right? Local kid in the back yard. What? How could you not scout him? How come you didn't know? So they were almost forced into taking him. And then the build up from the dad, I agree.

- But see, now he's hurting-- to this point he's hurting Lonzo's career. Number one, we saw how Lonzo was under far more scrutiny than any of other rookie. Like, even when-- early in the season when he wasn't playing that well. He wasn't playing as badly as a lot of rookies. You weren't hearing about Josh Jackson in Phoenix and his struggles, and De'Aaron Fox in Sacramento. You were hearing about Lonzo.

ROB PARKER: But Magic also said--

- Magic played into it too.

ROB PARKER: What did he say? Face of the franchise, his number [INAUDIBLE].

- Comparing him to him. Yeah.

ROB PARKER: I mean, that's a tall order.

- He-- that shows Magic was clearly drinking the Kool-Aid of LaVar too. He needs to chill with that.

But the second thing is this, one thing that could keep the Lakers from trading Lonzo, what's his trade value? Because remember, he's not making a lot of money. Because he's on his rookie contract, relatively speaking.

Secondly, what team wants him? Not because he can't play, but what team wants to deal with this madness that LaVar is bringing. So even if you-- I'm not saying you can't trade him-- you can. There are a lot of teams that think first of all, the kid is not going to be special as a player, anyway. Secondly, a lot that are far less equipped to deal with this, than the Lakers and Magic Johnson.