Chris Broussard reacts to LaVar Ball’s comment that Lonzo won’t re-sign with Lakers unless they sign LiAngelo

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Chris Broussard joins Rob Parker, Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders to discuss recent LaVar Ball comments that Lonzo Ball won’t re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers unless they sign his brother LiAngelo.

- Chris, is it finally time for Lonzo to push back against his father?

- No question.

- Right

- Absolutely. Definitively. I can't think of enough words to say this. Look, Lonzo should have pushed back after the comments about Luke Walton losing the team, if not earlier. Because of all the things LaVar Ball has said, he said some silly things, he said some crazy things, this may be the most ridiculous thing And the most damaging thing that he has said, because he is on the verge of getting Lonzo Ball traded.

It's not going to be your choice to leave the Lakers. They may send you away. First of all, the timing is horrible. The Lakers are playing the best ball of their season, while Lonzo is out with injury. They're eight and five.

Oh, and by the way, his replacement at point guard, Brandon Ingram, is killing it. Now, people told me, beginning of the season in the Lakers organization, that Luke really likes Brandon in that point. He wasn't saying instead of Lonzo, but he was just saying he really could play the point guard loop [INAUDIBLE].

Now they've put him at point guard. He's averaging 20 points, six assists, 56% shooting, and 67% shooting from three, OK? So that is just all wrong.

Then you've got this. The Lakers, we know, who do they want this summer? LeBron James. This is a deterrent. LaVar's shenanigans are a deterrent to LeBron James going to the Lakers.

I'm not saying Lonzo has to be traded for LeBron to go there. But LaVar does need to zip his lip for LeBron to go there. LeBron does not want to go join a circus, and that is what this is.

It's getting to a point where Lonzo Ball is going to have to be a tremendous player, not to stay with the Lakers, but to stay in the league. It's a simple thing of, does your ability and what you bring on the court outweigh the distraction? And if Lonzo turns out to be just a solid NBA starter, then most teams aren't going to want him because Dad is too much of a distraction.

And so you can debate whether or not LaVar has already ruined the careers of his younger boys or their chances to get to the NBA. But he is now getting very close to ruining the career of Lonzo. So yeah, we could say more later about this. But Lonzo needs to step up and quiet his dad down.