Rob Parker: Lakers should trade Lonzo Ball if they are ‘serious about rebuilding and trying to win a championship’

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In his discussion with Chris Broussard, Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders, Rob Parker weighs in on LaVar Ball's recent comment that Lonzo will not re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers unless they sign LiAngelo.

- Here's the problem. Lonzo is not that guy. LaVar has been a dominating dad. You could just see it. Lonzo won't step to him. Lonzo could be 50 years old and his dad would still run the conversation and dictate the family. That's just the guy he is. So if I'm Magic Johnson, I'm Rob Pelinka, I already know what I want to do.

I'm going to make a move, not pushing them towards a trade. I would trade. His play isn't worth it. Not this, because you just said it. This organization, with all the championships, being a storied franchise, all that, they're going to have a problem attracting free agents.

They had it with Kobe at the end of his career. They had cap space. Nobody would come. Dwight Howard left $30 million on the table not to be a part of the Lakers. And now you've got this? LeBron's not coming here for this. Not in his final three or four years where he's trying to win a championship.

And LaVar, I think in this situation, gets worse if Lonzo plays better. If he's talking like this and the kid's shooting 36%, which is the worst of all rookies in the NBA, you won't be able stop this guy if the kid's decent. You know what I mean? He's going to be out there and more.

And this whole notion like a threat, oh, he's telling the Lakers all ready. If I'm Magic Johnson, oh, you're threatening that he's not going to resign. This kid's not even playing. He's busy making mix tapes. I mean, are you serious?

- He's leveraging his is own son.

- Right. And the other part, from Magic's legacy and him, and even Rob Pelinka, dude, you got to nip this in the bud. You're setting a precedent where other fathers coming along the road will say, how do I get attention? How to build a brand? How do I? You know what? I'm outlandish, I say crazy stuff. I push the envelope.

And you know what? I'm going to get attention. I'm going to be able to do what LaVar did. And I think at some point, because it's got to be the Lakers taking the lead, waiting for 20 year old whose dad has dominated his entire life, be it good, bad, or indifferent, is never going to change.

I never see Lonzo Ball stepping to his dad and saying, Dad, be quiet. It's my life, my career and I don't want to hear from you. Because he could have done that when he destroyed Luke Walton and said the players didn't want to play for him. You know what his response was? Well, I'll play for anybody. That's not what I wanted to hear.

I wanted to hear Luke Walton is a great coach, I love what he's doing and my dad is dead wrong. The players haven't quit. That's not what he said. So I'm telling you, if you're Magic, Rob Pelinka, you guys need to really think about it if you're serious about rebuilding this franchise and trying to win a championship.