Chris Broussard reveals why the Cavs would’ve won the East before the trades

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In his discussion with Greg Jennings, Rob Parker and Holly Sonders, Chris Broussard explains why LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers would have still won the Eastern conference regardless of the trades.

- Look, I agree with both you. They're going to win the East. Where I disagree with you, Greg, is I do think, now I wasn't overly confident. I was over 50% that they still would have won the East just because of LeBron James.

The Minnesota game, which was three games ago, before the trades, LeBron showed again that he is by far, by far the best player in the East. There's nobody in his class in the East. Giannis Antetokounmpo is really good, but he's young, doesn't know how to win yet. So there's nobody there. And LeBron would have turned it up enough to win the East.

But look, part of that was that the East is bad. Boston, you mentioned Boston, people don't realize. They look at Boston's record and say, oh, they're playing great. Boston is 18 and 14 over the last two months. 18 and 14. That is a 46 win pace.

Now you can say, well, look at the Cavs over the last two months. Number one, they got a whole new roster. Number two, we've seen the Cavs do this the past three years.

- Last year they didn't even want to be the number one seed, right? They conceded that last year. And they still went 12 and 1 in the playoffs and came out of the East.

- There's nobody in the East. I mean, Jayson Tatum in Boston has kind of hit the rookie wall. He was leading the league, or among the leaders in 3-point shooting first two months. Last month and a half he's like 33% from the arc.

Toronto, they are playing great basketball. And Dwayne Casey is right in the running for coach of the year, obviously along with Brad Stevens. But they are two and eight against Cleveland in the playoffs the last two years.

And it's one thing if the Cavs limp into the playoffs like they would have before the trades. Maybe Toronto can muster up the confidence to think, you know what, we can beat them. They look so bad.

But now that LeBron is rejuvenated, if these young players continue to play well around him. If they go into the playoffs looking good, I believe mentally, the Raptors will be shot when they face LeBron and the Cavs and know they don't have a chance. So there's nobody in the East is going to challenge them now, and I still think the Cavs would have won it anyway.