Greg Jennings on Isaiah Thomas in LA: ‘I’m saying he’s back because it’s all about him’

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Greg Jennings joins Chris Broussard, Doug Gottleib, Rob Parker and Holly Sonders on Undisputed to discuss Isaiah Thomas' debut with the Lakers. Plus, Greg explains why he believes IT 'is back' with the Los Angeles Lakers.

- I'm saying he's back because it's all about him. That's all Isaiah Thomas is about is him. He doesn't care really about winning. Yeah, you want to win. I shouldn't say he doesn't care, but he's more prone to, let me get buckets. Let me put up my shot. Let me get mine. And then everything else, I'm cool with.

When you look at the stat line last night, he had six turnovers. Forget everything else, he has six turnovers.

- A season-high six turnovers.

- Six turnovers, but I got my powers back. Yeah, he got his powers back because he was able to shoot at will. He was able to handle the rock. It was his show. That's the only thing that he really cares about.

When you have a guy like that on your team, when you have a young team, it is not going to work. So from a standpoint of, is he back, yes, he's back because he feels like I can run the show. But is he back to being Isaiah Thomas that we saw in Boston? No, because he doesn't have Brad Stevens. No, because he's not running that offense. No, because he doesn't have the type of guys around him to where he can do pick-- he can run that pick and roll offense and be effective. And he's just a defensive liability. We saw that in the playoffs, and we'll continue to see it as everybody exposes him with his height.

But I think it's a little-man syndrome. He wants to make sure that everybody knows, I can still score. That's all he really cares about. He's not trying to win. He's about points.