Rob Parker explains why he’s not convinced LeBron’s new-look Cavaliers are better after one game

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In a discussion with Chris Broussard, Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders, Rob Parker discusses the Cleveland Cavaliers 121-99 win over Kyrie Irving's Boston Celtics. Rob explains why he's not convinced LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers are better with the new additions to the team.

- I hate to rain on you guys parade, because here we go.

- Oh, no.

- Here we go.

- I'm just-- Chris, you've been covering the NBA for a long time. Now, stop it. The first game-- you're telling me one game is going to tell you-- so if they would have lost last night, that would have told you what, that it doesn't work? That it doesn't work? You cannot look at one meaningless game in February in the NBA-- I don't care what game it is-- and tell me all of a sudden it's going to work. Greg Jennings--

- So it's not going to work?

- No, I'm just saying nothing's changing. This is much to do about nothing. The reason that that team was in such a funk prior to these trades was because of LeBron James, who had the worst plus-minus in the NBA, Greg Jennings, since Christmas. So those players played off of LeBron James, the vibe that he was giving them. And that's why they didn't play well. But now I'm supposed to believe that Rodney Hood, George Hill, Jordan Clarkson is going to make the difference and now they're going to win something?

Because they got-- how many championships did they come with? Zero! I'm trying to tell you that the Cavs were going to go to the finals after last season, during this season, before the trades, after the trades, because you know, I know, that this league is about the best players always win. And you can't beat LeBron four out of seven. If it's a one-game series, I agree with you that there was a chance that the Cavaliers weren't going to make it out of the East. Who's in their way? Boston's not in their way. Toronto's not in their way. Washington's not in their way.

- But are you telling me they're not a better team? You right. One game doesn't really matter. But this was an impressive start. And you would assume they're going to get better.

- But I'm asking you, had they lost--

- This was Boston. This wasn't Orlando.

- Had they lost yesterday? You mean to tell me that you would look at it and go, oh, wait a minute, I don't know if LeBron's going to make it out of the East?

- No, no!

- Oh, so nothing's changed, right?

- No.

- I felt like that--

- Plenty has changed. Just look at it. Look at the way they played defense. Look at their open shots [INAUDIBLE]. Look at their energy.

- Yeah, but I'm saying LeBron was the reason. It's not the other guy.

- No, why was he down?

- It was LeBron.

- No. You say LeBron was the reason.

- Yes!

- He was a part of that. Absolutely. I totally agree with you there. But for him to take full blame? No, it's not-- it wasn't--

- They followed the best player's lead.

- You're exactly right.

- Why was he down?

- But when he has to do everything every single night, night in, night out, put up the amount of minutes, he had no ability to go to the bench, and recover, and come back in with any energy that he started the game with.