Chris Broussard reveals how the new Cavs players recharged LeBron and the team

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Reflecting on last night’s Cleveland Cavaliers-Boston Celtics game, Chris Broussard explains how the new Cavs players have recharged the team. George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood and Larry Nance Jr finished with a combined 49 points in their debut with the team.

HOST: Were you surprised at how well the Cavs played?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Well, look, I expected them to win. I thought that these new pieces would come together quickly. But I would be lying if I sat here and said I expected that type of performance. To go into Boston and blow out the top team in the East, if you will. A special night in Boston, with the Paul Pierce jersey retirement. The Celtics had lost two out of three games, so they were wanting to come out and make a statement, and obviously the Cavs just blew them away. But I said from the beginning, as soon as these trades were made, that the Cavs were going to be dramatically improved. And there are so many things to point out. One thing I'll point out is the spirit and the energy that these new players brought. And Ty Lue mentioned it, LeBron was energized and rejuvenated about it, and here's what's happening. These guys they brought in, the four players, are excited to be in the situation they're in. George Hill, he's played eight of his previous nine seasons in San Antonio, Indiana, and one in Utah. Eight of those nine years, he's made the playoffs. He is used to playing for a championship. Even though he's never got there to the championship with Indiana, he's used to being on a team that had a shot at winning it all or felt that way. You know he was down in Sacramento, so now he's excited, he's rejuvenated to be playing for the Eastern Conference title and maybe beyond that. Rodney Hood. Rodney Hood's been a big-time scorer per minute because he's come off the bench and been a great scorer off the bench for the past three years. But in Utah, has anybody noticed it? If he did what he's been doing the past two years, especially this year when he's averaging 17 points a game, in other cities, he would be getting a lot more publicity. So he's looking at it like, now is my chance to shine. And look at the wide open shots he got last night. So Hood is excited. Jordan Clarkson. Jordan Clarkson has been a very good scorer off the bench for the Lakers, but he's always been kind of tossed aside. It was Brandon Ingram, it was Julius Randle, now it's Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball. He's never been that young, up-and-coming player in the public's eyes in LA. Now, it's one thing to play second fiddle to Lonzo Ball, Julius Randle, it's a totally different thing to be second fiddle to LeBron James. So he's excited. And then Larry Nance, Jr is from Akron. His dad still lives there. He starred for the Cavaliers, his dad. So he's excited. One of the few players that might be excited to go from LA to Cleveland. So these young guys, in addition to what they bring on the court, they have brought a renewed excitement that has rejuvenated Lebron, Ty Lou, and really the whole team, including JR Smith.