Shannon on the trade moves Magic Johnson and the Lakers made to sign big name free agents in the future

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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss the trades Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers made at the deadline in an effort to sign big name free agents in the future.

- Shannon, how would you grade Magic's day?

- A-plus plus. For the next two years, Magic Johnson is going deep sea fishing. And he's looking for big fish. So 2018, you've got LeBron, and you got Paul George. If he don't catch one of them, or both of them, in 2019, you've got Klay Thompson. You've got Jimmy Butler. You've got Kawhi Leonard.

So for the next two years, he said he's going out on a fishing trip. And wow. Think about all the guys that's coming off these books. Brook Lopez, 22 million, will be gone. Channing Frye, gone. Isaiah, gone. They could decline the option on own Julius Randle? Good god almighty.

Magic, he did it. I don't know how-- and he got a first round pick out of the deal because he traded with Cleveland.

- He did.

- Now, you hear everybody, well, that's pick's going to be way down there. Yeah, So was Cal Kuzman. He was way down there.

So you never know. And this draft seems to be really, really deep. Who knows, they might swing, you know, hey, put that draft pick that they got from Cleveland, some of that young talent, and move on up in the draft.

Skip, he did an unbelievable job. I mean they cleared out-- I mean, they're going to have $70 million. And can you imagine had Boogie not gotten hurt? They'd have been major, major, major players. Because now you've got three big fish that's up in 2018. You've got three in 2019.

He might not get LeBron. But of these five guys, he's going to get two of these over the next two years. Now, I know Klay Thompson's dad says he loves Golden State. I don't if he loves it when the Lakers throw you five years, $180 million at him and see if he really-- if he loves Golden State that much.

Because-- that is Magic Johnson, now. Lakers, you're going to be a star. Your daddy played in this organization. You could be a star. Because right now, yeah, yeah, I mean, you Klay Thompson, they mention Klay-- Steph. It's KD.

You go there, you're going to be second fiddle to-- if LeBron go, you're going to be second fiddle if you go. So now, you get to move up a notch, Klay. This is unbelievable. This is unbelievable what Magic did.

And the Lakers are a star-driven team. They were very fortunate. They drafted Magic, and they drafted James Worthy. But, for the most part, stars normally come there-- the Kareem's, the Shaq's, the Mackadoo's, the Michael Thompson-- they didn't draft Kobe. They made a trade for him.

So stars-- this is a star-driven team, Skip. They need stars. I mean, this is nice, young talent. But they need stars. Stars want to watch stars.

And in order for the Lakers to get back to where they want to be, they've got to get big-name players. And Magic Johnson cleared enough space, he can go get two of them big fish.