Skip Bayless on how the Cavaliers’ trades will impact LeBron’s chances to win the East in Cleveland

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In response to the Cleveland Cavaliers' trades which included most notably Isaiah Thomas, Skip Bayless explains how these trades will positively impact the LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers winning in the Eastern Conference.

- So that brings me back to our man, LeBron James. LeBron, the ball is now back in your court.


- Dan Gilbert just swatted it right back at you and said, big man, you're on. Your turn, right? Now, you're going to have to live up because, all of a sudden, LeBron goes from-- poor, pitiful LeBron. He doesn't have enough help-- to guess what? He's got plenty of help, at least in the East. In fact, you can start to make the case-- if this team starts to click and gel and he's got a--

- It's gonna take us a little while. Let's give us, like, you know? We got three games or what-- three games before the all-star break? Give us about seven games. Look here. You ain't even gotta-- I'm blind for LeBron. Give him the ingredients--


- --feel around it with his hands, put it in that boiling water [EXHALES] That [INAUDIBLE] coming out good.

- So Lebron's got no more excuses. I'm sorry. I'm here to announce, and I'm going to hold your feet to the fire from this moment on-- no more excuses for LeBron.

SHANNON SHARPE: Sunday, we're going to bust up the Celtics.

- OK, that's fine if you do. No more excuses. If you get busted up-- if you get wiped out-- no more excuses.


- He went and got you help.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's all we need.

- In fact, I think he just put a whole lot of pressure-- Dan Gilbert-- back on you, LeShannon and LeBron, because you're obviously joined at the hip. You got a lot more pressure on you to stay and finish in Cleveland, Ohio, now, right?

- We appreciate that. Like I said-- everybody keeps saying, well, oh, he helped Magic clear out cap space to get him and Paul George. I think Dan Gilbert, doing what he did, showed LeBron that he's willing to spend. He took on $28 million-- almost $30 million-- more money this year alone saying hey, we're trying to win this thing. We always go to the Finals, and we believe we have the one guy with these young, hungry guys. George Hill got his money. He's not trying to play for no contract. Rodney Hood got his money. Jordan Clarkson has his money. So we get guys that played their role, know their role, and is accepting of their roles. They have some guys, Skip, Isaiah could not-- think about this. The agent done sent Rachel Nichols a text-- Isaiah isn't coming off the bench. Really? That's what just got him up out of Cleveland. I told you, Skip-- you've got two choices, Isaiah. come off the bench or come off your couch. He doesn't get it. Now, he thinks that big payday is out there. Lou Williams is having the season of his life. He's signed three years, $24 million.


- Lou Williams is two years older and 100% more healthy than Isaiah Thomas, but somehow Isaiah Thomas and his agent think he's about to get 25 mill.

- Correct. He is not your problem anymore. Am I right?

- No. You won't hear me mention his name again-- hey, as a matter of fact-- Isaiah-- I'm gonna mention-- is a book of the Bible. It's your name, Isaiah. I ain't seeing it.

SKIP BAYLESS: The prophet.

- Yup, I ain't seeing it.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, there's only one--

- The big Isaiah. The big Isaiah's probably not me-- he's cool. But this little one was nothing but problem for me, Joy.

- So you managed-- LeBron and LeShannon-- to get rid of Isaiah, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose? You got somebody to take Derrick Rose off your hand? What are people thinking? And Shump-- Shump's out-- Shump went to Sac, so way to go.