Shannon Sharpe explains how Cleveland’s trades make LeBron’s Cavs Eastern Conference favorites

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to the Cleveland's blockbuster trades. Plus, Shannon explains how this makes LeBron's Cavs Eastern Conference favorites again.

- How much better are the Cavs?

- Eastern conference favorites. Again. Again. Yes. And you know it too.

- I do know it.

- Exactly. OK, OK. OK, now we're talking.

- I want you to keep going. I want you to lay it on thick.

- Skip, you know this. They're more athletic, they're hungrier. They have guys that-- that are going to be in roles that they've always been in and they've embraced. They don't have guys trying to play for contracts, trying to play up more than what they are. D Rose was always trying to prove, I might not be that MVP D Rose, but I'm close. Isaiah Thomas is trying to play for that Brinks truck that's never going to arrive now, Skip. I'm sorry.

- Yup.

- And, it just didn't work. Jae Crowder, for whatever reason, it just didn't work. And you hear Koby Altman talking about on the court. But it was more that coaching in the locker room.

- Yeah.

- Because somehow, Isaiah Thomas arrived. And he felt that, you know, I'm on equal footing with LeBron. I'm going to call team meetings. I'm going to talk to the guys. And they're like, hold up, bro. You just got here. And you calling team meetings and you're not even healthy. They needed to get that out. And it also showed LeBron, we're not standing pat. OK. You didn't make a commitment to us.

- Yeah.

- But we're making a commitment to you this year, trying to show you that we go get you a Rodney Hood. You likes shooters. We went and got you a Rodney Hood. We got you a George Hill.

- Yeah.

- We got guys-- Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. We got guys that played their roles, embraced their roles. You do what you do. If you remember Skip, when they got down to Indiana, it was LeBron and those shooters they got back in the game and ended up winning. When they got down to Toronto, it was LeBron and those shooters. So they got shooters. And that's what LeBron-- oh! Can you see him coming down the court? Take this, Rodney Hood. Oh, Kyle Korver, you over there? Get that! Oh! Take that. Take that. And then, you know, he going to throw it up, you know, cause he's up-- you know, he got a whole another Akron boy in the building. Larry Nance Jr, you know his daddy won a dunk contest--

- Do I?

- '83. Woo! [INAUDIBLE]

- Wow, wow.

- Also, because this showed LeBron, LeBron, we trying to make moves. We tried to give him Tristan. We tried to give him JR and our pick for DeAndre. So Dan Gilbert is showing LeBron that look, I should've listened. You're right bruh. I should have listened to you and not traded Kyrie. Brought him to camp and you said you could work with him. You never lied to me before.

- Yeah.

- You could've worked with him. And if we didn't trade Kyrie, we should have left a 5' 9" injured guy, we should've left that alone. That's absolutely for certain. So, I'm glad they shook it up.

- Yup.

- Normally, we don't see this type of shakeup, Skip. But they were going nowhere. And as you heard Kobe Altman say, we were marching a slow death.

- Yeah.

- And I didn't want to go down that path. Love it! I love LA! I love it!