Chris Broussard reveals his biggest takeaway from Cleveland’s OT win

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Chris Broussard joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss LeBron James' performance in 140-138 OT win to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

- What was your biggest takeaway from last night's game?

- My biggest takeaway was that what we saw last night is why, for all the Cavaliers problems-- which are legitimate-- for all their drama, and for the fact that, let's be honest, they're not that good of a team. I could argue if they were in the West, they'd be the fifth or sixth best team.


- Even when they're playing well.

- Maybe seventh.

- But if I still had to pick who I think is the favorite, it's not as overwhelming as it was a month or two ago.

- We thought it was.

- But who is the favorite in the East? I still would go with the Cavs even with all of this mess. Because LeBron, I think it's legitimately debatable now, is he still the best player in the world? But he is by far the best player in the East. Giannis is great, but he doesn't know how to win yet. He's so young.

LeBron is by far the best player in the East. And what you saw last night, when he wants to turn it up, it reminded me of game one against Boston last year in the playoffs when he had 38 and just-- I mean, they just demolished them from the get go. Or against Toronto when he averaged 36 and was just toying with them. Like, that's what it looked like last night.

No back-to-backs, they'll be plenty rested. Every game will matter. I think LeBron can still save this team in the East-- in the East. I like the fact that Ty Lue played Cedi Osman and only played Isaiah 31 minutes, didn't play him as much in the fourth and in the overtime.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, he played more in the fourth and overtime.

- Yep, and Derrick Rose only played seven minutes. What it tells me is that maybe, going forward, Ty Lue is just going to play the lineups that deserve to be out there. And not even just the most talented. The ones that fit the best. And so those were positives.

Now the negative, I mean, their defense was a joke. You gave up 58% shooting. It was like a game four against Golden State when they won because they shot lights out for 3.

- You mean game five.

- They're not going to hit 21 3's every night. So they still have work to do. But I thought those were good signs.