Shannon Sharpe explains why Isaiah Thomas is not a fit with LeBron’s Cavs

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Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why Isaiah Thomas is not a good fit in Cleveland. Shannon says LeBron James and the players on the team are better off without Isaiah Thomas.

SHANNON SHARPE: Shannon, how will Isaiah fit with the Cavs going forward?

- It doesn't work. I don't care. It doesn't work, he's ball dominant. And when you -- and LeBron is, LeBron is like, to say LeBron is better without Isaiah Thomas would be an understatement. To say all the other players are better when they don't play with Isaiah Thomas is an understatement. I don't really know what else to say. He's five foot nine, he's a defensive liability. Of 355 players that played at least 300 minutes, Isaiah Thomas's defensive rating is the worst.

And here's the thing, last night was probably his best game in that uniform, and he still had the highest minus of all the Cavaliers. And he played his best game statistically. What are was supposed to do with that, Skip? Because what happens is -- and look, they're not a team that can just multiple rotate like the Celtics can.

So he's getting beat so Skip, everybody try to put him in the pick and roll, and then walk Isaiah down, lay the ball up. Jeff Teague can get to the basket any time he want to. And then when help come, he just kick it to the open guy. That's why he had 15 assists with one turnover. Because he's passing the guys that are wide open, because the bigs are coming to try to help Isaiah Thomas.

I say call the National Guard. Because I dispatched the National Guard because I need some help somebody keeping that, keeping the guy in front of Isaiah. Because he can't do it by himself. It's just that simple. And here's the kicker. We knew he was a defensive liability when he was 1000% healthy. He's not healthy now. But he's not giving you anything consistently on the offensive end. Therein lies the problem.

As I said before, if he's not scoring, he adds little value. Give him credit, he did assist the ball well last night. It's hard for him to pass the ball over someone. He has to jump into the air, so a lot of time he gets caught, and it's turn over, or you know, bail out. It is not, it's like five seconds on the clock. Skip, I mean I wish there was a way I could dress this up. But it just doesn't work.

T. Lue, just go to -- and here's the thing, Skip. The rotation last night was like it was because there was D. Wade. What do you do when D. Wade comes back? D. Wade is the leader of the second unit. So now you, they were rolling along, 18 to 19. Had that rotation going. LeBron was cooking. He couldn't get like three or four minutes of rest, sips of water, he back in there with Kyle Korver. Fourth quarter, you see fourth quarter last night?

SKIP: Yeah, he was hot.

- LeBron kicking it to him like, Jeff Green, get that. Isaiah will come in there, oh Lord. And it wasn't -- you know what made this look so bad is that Isaiah's so small, and he tugging on LeBron. like mama, mama! That internet video. But Linda, but Linda!

SKIP: Seriously. He's like tugging on him trying to get his attention.

- But Skip, how can LeBron chest bump him? If LeBron jumps up in the air --

SHANNON SHARPE: Will you stop?

- If LeBron try to chest bump him, sticks and berries gonna be on top of the man's head. No, get out of here, Isaiah. Come off the bench or come off your couch, those are two choices Isaiah. Off the bench or off the couch, which do you choose?