Skip Bayless: ‘Russell Westbrook is finally starting to get his revenge on Kevin Durant’

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In a discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless discuss the Oklahoma City Thunder's 125-105 win against the Golden State Warriors. OKC snapped their 4 game losing streak. Russell Westbrook scored 34 and Paul George scored 38 points in the win.

- I think they think so much of their threeness that they look at Sacramento or somebody and say, eh, we can mail this one in. And they can't. So my take away from this game last night is Russell Westbrook is finally starting to get his revenge on Kevin Durant. It's starting to feel like this year's new Oklahoma City Thunder has the number of this year's Golden State Warriors.

And it was not Kevin Durant's fault. He is playing at an extremely high level every game. This is five times now he's played against Russ since he left Oklahoma City.

- Correct.

- And he's averaging 33 and 8 against Russell head to head. And he is shooting 57% from the three point line. So it's not his fault.

- Yeah, he's been playing his tail off.

- Playing his tail off. But this, last night, in Oakland was a first round knockout by Russell Westbrook because look what happened in the first quarter.

- He was out of his mind.

- Out of his mind. He goes 9 for 11, and he's tomahawk dunking at the rim, just throwing it down.

- Yes.

- With fury and purpose, and it was over after a quarter. It was 42 to 30 after the first quarter. And they never looked back.

- No.

- They led by 22 going into the fourth quarter. And Russ didn't score a single point in the fourth quarter because he didn't need to. Paul scored 11. He had a big time night.