Skip Bayless questions whether LeBron is still the best player on the planet

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After Cleveland's 116-98 loss to the Orlando Magic, Skip Bayless analyzes LeBron James' scoreless second half performance and questions if 'King James' is still the best player on the planet.

- The leading scorer on the Orlando Magic is Aaron Gordon. He did not play last night.


- So that happened with no Aaron Gordon on the-- are you kidding me, LeBron?

SHANNON SHARPE: Jonathon Simmons looked like Anthony Davis.

- He scored 0 in the second quarter, and then Jonathon Simmons scored 22 in the third quarter. And it was lights out. Like, what-- what are you doing? They didn't guard him.

SHANNON SHARPE: OK, let me ask you a question. Tell me what Jae Crowder is doing.

- Nothing. Nothing. Isaiah Thomas is doing nothing.


- I give you that. I give you that.

SHANNON SHARPE: 0 for 7. D-Rose-- 14 minutes.

- And obviously, Kevin Love is out now. But check--

SHANNON SHARPE: But yeah. I'm happy to. It ain't my fault.

- OK. OK. Now, big picture. I step back. Is LeBron, in fact, still the best player on the planet? I don't think so, but you do.


SKIP BAYLESS: OK. If he is, I want to remind you that since Christmas through these 19 games, he has the worst plus-minus in all of the NBA. Of 518 players, then some of this has to be on him.


- And for those who don't get a plus-minus, it's just when you're on the floor, while you're in the game, what's the score? What's the differential in the score?

SHANNON SHARPE: He's in the deficit.

- OK? He's way in the def-- he's a minus 147 in the 19 games that he's been playing in since Christmas! What? And in end in the second half, he's also the worst at minus 131. And now, again, to frame this, if you look at the bottom 10 in plus-minus, Isaiah's in there. Jay Crowder's in there. JR Smith is in there. So three of his teammates, so four Cavaliers are in the bottom 10.

SHANNON SHARPE: In the bottom 10.

- OK. Well, that-- OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: And you wonder why they losing.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, but here's what just blows my mind. For a while, I gave you this. They won 18 of 19 games in a stretch earlier this year. LeBron was definitely an MVP candidate.


- And for that stretch, he was 10th in the league in plus-minus.

- Right.

- OK, that'll work, right? Now he's fallen total season in plus-minus. He's fallen all the way to 348th in the league out of 518. He's 348-- that's for the whole season! This is the best player on the planet. And just to frame it again, the top players are Steph and Eric Gordon and Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler and James Harden. That's the top five in plus-minus. And you say, OK, I get that. You know, they're on good teams. So they're on the floor enough times that their margin is going way up.


- OK? So I look at-- through the 18 of 19 games, LeBron was plus 146. So he was on a crazy hot streak in there.

- Just look at LeBron since January.


- What transpired in January? Santa Claus didn't come in December.


- He came in January and dropped off IT.


- IT! You remember last year? IT time where the clock ain't working in Cleveland.

- Mm. That's the strangest thing to me is that when Isaiah is talking, he's talking about "we," what "we" do.

- And then--

- Shouldn't there be someone else who has been there a little longer where--

- Thank you!

- [INAUDIBLE] talking?