Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron and the Cavaliers blowing a 21-point lead to the Magic

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe discuss LeBron James, Isaiah Thomas and the Cleveland Cavaliers 116-98 loss to the Orlando Magic.

JOY: Shannon, what's going on here?

SHANNON SHARPE: I was like Ty Lue. I left in the second quarter, too. because I wasn't feeling well. So I know how he was-- he was there. I was at home, Joy, watching his bull jive.

SKIP: So we can't blame Ty for this one.

SHANNON SHARPE: We can't blamed Kevin Love. We can't blame Ty Lue.

SKIP: That's a good point.

SHANNON SHARPE: First of all, Skip, why-- how-- how does Isaiah Thomas become the team's spokesman? He's been playing for one month. He's been there for six months. He's not playing well. But he's the team's spokesman? Skip, he says-- now, second half, he was 0 for 8, in the second half.

SKIP: No, wait. He was actually 0 for 8-- he scored 11 points in the first quarter and then he scored 0 the rest of the way.


SKIP: OK. Go ahead.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, he said, you know, it seems like when I say this, I'm blaming somebody. Obviously, I've got to play better but-- there are no buts! That's the problem. You're not playing well, Isaiah. That-- there is no but. I got to-- but I got to play-- no. No. No. No. No. Skip, 43 points in the first quarter. And you score 31 points in the second half.

SKIP: It's impossible.

SHANNON SHARPE: See, this is what happens. When you making shots, Skip, you can get away with playing no defense. Because they're going to miss a bunch of shots. I mean, they were on fire. J.R. caught a ball, they almost threw it out of bounds, and he just turned and launched it. Swish.

But what happens when you start missing shots, and you're not playing defense? Now guess what? What happen-- what you did to them in the first quarter, they do to you in the third quarter. They hit 41. You're not playing defense. And It seems like, you know, once we hit adversity, everybody goes their separate ways. What do you mean, when you hit adversity? They've been that way. They didn't want you there.

LeBron wanted to try to work this thing out with Kyrie. And even if Kyrie wasn't going to be there, why-- LeBron is probably thinking, and the other guy, why are we bringing a guy in that we don't know if and when he's going to play? And if he does play, he'll never be that guy that we saw last year.

SKIP: Yep.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, this is-- oh my goodness. Isaiah Thomas is shooting 31%. 15% for 3s. You think that's stops him from taking them? And he gonna talk about, we've got to dive on the floor to get loose balls. The only time Isaiah Thomas is on the floor, is when he has the ball. He ain't diving on no floor.

Isaiah Thomas has been the worst defender for the past three years, Skip. And now, all of a sudden, he's gonna to talk about defense is the reason why they're not winning. You don't play no defense. You had Jaylen Smith. You had Marcus Smart. You had Rozier. You had all those guys that could cover for you.

SKIP: Yep.

SHANNON SHARPE: Now they don't have that. So now you really look bad. They look bad. As I say all that, LeBron, you can do what you did in the second half, brah. That's a bad look. That's a bad look. I don't care if Dan Gilbert says, I ain't moving nothing. I don't care if Dan Gilbert says, as a matter of fact, I might bring on some more bad players.

SKIP: Yep.

SHANNON SHARPE: You can't do that, Bron. 0 points. 0 rebounds. And the turnover. I closed the turn-- I closed the turnover shot, Joy. I closed that shot.

JOY: It's back open.

SHANNON SHARPE: And he done went behind my back and open it again. 6 turnovers with 5 assists. None of-- no assists in the second half. And we saw he had an 11 turnover game. We saw he had an 8 turnover game. Come on, no, no, Bron, you better than that, brah.