Shannon Sharpe: Josh McDaniels not taking Colts job will negatively impact his career

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In response to New England Patriots' OC Josh McDaniels turning down the Indianapolis Colts head coaching job, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he thinks it was a bad move for McDaniels.

- Shannon, what does this tell you?

- That this Bill Belichick impersonation is going too far, Skip. We talked about this yesterday. How Coach Belichick-- back in what? That was 2000. He agreed to take the Jets job, and then a day later he resigned that post.


- So Josh McDaniels-- this also tells me Josh McDaniels is still the snake that everybody thought he was.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yep. Could that be a chip off the snakes block?

- Oh, yeah.

- Yeah. OK.

- It's hard for me to believe that if he doesn't get this head coaching job at New England that he'll ever get a head coaching job. Because at the end of the day, Skip, in situations like this all you have is your word.


- They had a press release. We're having a press conference on Wednesday which is today, to announce our new head coach, Josh McDaniels. You mean to tell me Mr. Kraft didn't know until yesterday that Josh McDaniels had accepted the job to go to Indy? Of course he knew.


- But now all of a sudden he finagle his way out. I'm glad he did because Josh McDaniels would have been exposed again. This is what we know. When he coaches Tom Brady they're the number one scoring offense. They're the number one offense in the NFL.

- True.

- He went to Denver. He was 17th. He called plays at St. Louis. He was 32nd. There's only 32 teams.

Skip, the only thing worse than him calling plays outside of New England was his head coaching tenure in Denver. That was worse than his play calling in St. Louis and in Denver. I can't believe this. But I had a sneaky suspicion, and you and I were talking about it yesterday.

Why wouldn't they announce something right after the Super Bowl? Because everybody-- that's what normally-- you're in the Super Bowl. You own one of the teams that's in the Super Bowl. That Monday, such and such is our head coach. Romeo Crennel goes to Kansas City.


- Charlie Weis goes to Notre Dame. Eric Mangini goes to Cleveland.


- Nothing.


- Tuesday. Hmm. Yeah. Yeah it's going to happen. Confirmed that Josh McDaniels is going to take the job and then breaking news yesterday.


- This is so bush league. This is so garbage. Josh McDaniels, you gave the man your word. So all of a sudden you've got second thoughts?

You knew Andrew Luck's situation. Well Andrew Luck might not be healthy. Hell, he was healthy when you signed it, when you told him you would take the deal. Now all of a sudden you worried about Andrew Luck.

Hey, do you. But you don't be-- what about the coaches, Skip? What about the coaches that was on the New England Patriots staff, that say they're going with Josh?

What if Coach Belichick says, OK, I see you all. What about the other coaches that have probably told their employers that were going somewhere else. Now what?

SKIP BAYLESS: Well two of those coaches are going to stay in Indianapolis. So I don't know. Is that fair to them? I'm with you. Well?

- That's a jack move. That's a sucker move. That's a slimy, weasel Josh McDaniels move. It is bush league.