Skip Bayless on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ downward spiral: ‘The team might be quitting on LeBron’

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Joined by Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reveals why he believes LeBron James is not only quitting on Dan Gilbert, but also the Cavs' players are evidently quitting on The King after dropping 8 of their last 12 games. How do the Cavs rebound from this and right the ship before the playoffs?

- My take away from this right now-- and I watch every LeBron game closely-- is this doesn't feel like the typical middle-of-the-year dog day. He's going to flip the switch here in a couple of weeks after he gets a little break. It doesn't feel like that to me. It feels like either LeBron is starting to show some age, or he's quitting on Dan Gilbert, who, by the way may, be insisting that Isaiah Thomas be in the starting lineup. It could be because there's been reports that they text in--

SHANNON SHARPE: They've been very close, yeah.

- --their phones, OK. And it also starts to look like the team might be quitting on LeBron-- because remember the social media post last week where he accused some other anonymous teammates on the team of being lazy, and how disrespectful that is to people who believe in you. So LeBron's saying, I believe in you guys, but you're being lazy. You're not fulfilling your part of the bargain here.


- So then I look at what's happened since Christmas. This team is 6 and 12 since Christmas, and you look at some of these-- I don't have time to list all the games, but there are a lot of uglies in here. We say, what? Where you're just getting wiped out by Oklahoma City by 24 points and then they hit bottom on Saturday night.

That was almost unwatchable. Like it was over like that, because Houston was running a layup line. They're just like layups or Chris Paul says, I think I'm gonna get in the lane here and rise up here and shoot this little 8 footer for you.

- I mean, how many dunks did Capela have like in--

- It's just-- Rod Anderson getting rebounds and dunking it.

- It's just sad. And-- so obviously they're a poor defensive team. But I got to-- Mark Jackson brought this up-- and I don't want to dwell on this, because I do agree LeBron-- especially without Kevin Love-- doesn't have a lot of help, and Isaiah is a liability in the starting lineup. I give you that. I agree with you, but Mark Jackson said on the telecast, on ABC the other night, that LeBron, if he's still the best player on the planet, he has to try to lift this team up as best he can. You know, you need to ignite the defense or spark the offense, and right now he's just half-hearted like he's giving into the situation. And I've never seen him like that, and that's what Brian Windhorst--- who's covered him from like junior high school.

- Yeah.

- That's what he's writing is, I've never seen LeBron this-- to use the word-- dispirited, where it's like you're losing heart for it.

SHANNON SHARPE: A game or two, Skip. You see him-- a game or two, but not a month.

- This is just sad.


- And it doesn't look fixable unless you can make the big trade. So you know what I'm getting tired of? It's this game of chicken between Dan Gilbert and LeBron James. This cat and mouse where neither will commit publicly to what's going on. I wish they could just lay it on the line and sort of challenge each other publicly, because what Dan Gilbert is saying, behind closed doors is there's no way I'm going to trade the Brooklyn pick unless LeBron will commit to me for at least one more year-- but probably for a couple of three more years, and LeBron is saying, there's no way I'm going to commit to you in this situation.